11/27/16- Skynyrd sucks and George Thorogood is a plagiarist. Fight me.

And those of you waiting for the highlight reel from the Overwatch stream, it's coming. I have no experience editing videos in any way.



11/27/16- Shitty classic rock

10/31/16- How NOT to Halloween

8/3/16- How to ACTUALLY respond to an active shooter situation

7/17/16 - "White supremacy" is fucking stupid.

7/13/16 - Pokemon GO Fuck Yourself

5/29/15 - AJ makes a Four Horsemen. Drunkeness ensues.

5/22/15 - You know you're a 90's kid when you won't shut the fuck up about it

3/23/15 - Rage against the road

2/1/15 - Your shitty memory doesn't mean reality changed, asshole.

1/29/15 - Toblerone bars are fucking awesome

1/22/15 - I Hate Slowskis

7/22/14 - Gun Control

7/4/14- Where I've been

7/14/13 - Minecraft is bullshit.

6/2/13 - What happens when you fuck up my food

5/15/13 - Your shitty tattoo isn't "artistic expression"

5/6/13 - Tomatoes taste like shit

5/1/13 - April Fool's Day Sucks

5/17/12 - Things I learned from "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius"

4/13/12 - Planet Fitness is for fags

3/21/12 - The New World Order: Another perspective

2/2/12 - Thanks for the advice asshole, now fuck off.


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