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It feels like just yesterday that I was a teenager, watching crudely-made cartoons on Newgrounds, listening to Linkin Park, watching porn at a 240p resolution, downloading that same porn at 56 kbit/s on Limewire, playing N64 and PlayStation with the boys, chatting up girls on AOL Instant Messenger, and just generally being an impulsive asshole. Such was life as a teenager in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

It’s been about 20 years since I’ve been a teenager. Now I’m a bitter cynical adult watching professionally-made videos on YouTube, listening to Billy Joel, watching porn at 4K resolution, downloading that same porn at 1 Gbps using browser extensions, playing emulated games on PC by myself, texting my girlfriend, and actually thinking before I act (but still being an asshole). Just like Biggie said, “Things done changed”.

Not so long ago I was at a social gathering with some friends. Also at this gathering were some 18-21 year olds. As I listened to them talk, I found myself thinking, Man, what a bunch of idiots. This generation sucks. 

Then I realized, this is probably exactly how my parents felt watching me and my friends. Every generation thinks that the generation after theirs is made up of a bunch of idiots who don’t understand how the world should work. It’s not that the younger generation is dumb, it’s that they think and operate differently from my own generation because they came up in a different environment. I’m at that age now where I’m so far removed from the current generation that I can’t understand them or relate to them. I’m officially old.

That entire last paragraph was bullshit, obviously this generation is a bunch of dumb-dumbs and their way is wrong and stupid while my generation is right.

But just how stupid are they? Let’s take a look at r/Teenagers and find out!

Almost as weird and rude as realizing that she clearly wasn’t interested but still stalking her out through your friend anyway.


The entirety of Gen Z summed up flawlessly in four words.


Omg you were literally raped.


If you’re good at something, never do it for free.


I’m glad they clarified “pedophiles”, otherwise I’d have to cut this article short.


“I have body image issues. Let me demonstrate this by posting multiple suggestive pictures of my body on a public message board that may or may not be frequented by pedophiles.”


Fandom Freak over here asking the important questions.


This is how you know this generation sucks. This person thinks porn has nothing to do with teenagers.


r/Teenagers, folks.


What’s up with this fascination with muscle mommies that everyone seems to suddenly have?


I’m so old now that I’m watching the younger generation complain about THEIR younger generation. Wtf.


You thought teenagers on the internet would behave maturely and not act like assholes?


Based MILF hunter neighbor.


Some of these creeps don’t even try to hide what they’re doing.


Bah, every teenage boy has done this at least once.




I can’t, it’s only a picture. Retard.


The name “cockroach” comes from the Spanish word for cockroach, “cucaracha”, transformed by 1620’s English folk etymology into “cock” and “roach”.

You fucking idiot.


Back in my day the pedophiles at least put in some effort. This is just straight up lazy.


Men don’t turn 4.


Unironically me, if I wasn’t going bald.


Back in my day we called it “Bel-Airing” and it ended with you whistling for a cab, not committing beastiality.


Literally what the fuck am I looking at


Maybe there IS hope for this generation.


Welp, guess my Friday night plans are cancelled.


Damn, you sure told them.


I know you probably think you’re being clever, but you actually have autism. Like, severe Class V weapons-grade autism.


Nice try Tommy Lee, but the 80’s are over. You rock stars can’t just go around trying to bang teenage girls anymore.


“This is r/Teenagers, why is everyone talking about typical teenage issues?”




When I was 15 my solution to most math homework was to not do it and almost flunk. This would remain my solution to math homework all the way through my one and a half semesters of college, which is why I now spend my days writing stupid shit on the internet instead of working a real job.


I have nothing snarky to say about this one, I almost choked on my lunch when I realized what was going on in the picture. I don’t know about killing your manager but you almost killed me.


Fuck your logic and reason.




This is retarded. What the hell am I doing with my life?


Don’t know, don’t care, I’m done with this article.


Take us out of here, DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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