Frequently asked questions about AJnet Magazine and its staff.


“How can I contact AJnet Magazine?”

Please see our Contact page for more information.


“I love your website! How can I donate to it?”

We appreciate the offer, but AJnet is currently not accepting donations at this time, and probably won’t be for the foreseeable future. We have our own sources of income and we aren’t doing this for profit.

Perhaps one day we’ll open up a Patreon or something similar, but until then the best way to support AJnet Magazine is to just enjoy reading our publication and watching/listening to our content. Those who really want to go the extra mile can sign up for a Disqus account and comment on articles, or share their favorite articles and videos with others. Your enjoyment is more important to us than your money.


“How do I submit a question to Señor Juan?”

Hola amigos, it is your pal Señor Juan!

AJ tell Juan that many reader ask how to send Juan question for advice in Dear Juan article. It is very simple and Juan tell you how to do it.

First way is leave comment asking question on Dear Juan article, it no matter what one, Juan see it. To leave comment you must use Disqus, it is very easy and free to sign up.

Other way is send Juan email. AJ give Juan own email address so you send it there, it is [email protected]. You send question for advice there and Juan read it too.

Juan get many question so he no answer all of them. Juan like answer good question so make question good please. Question is good when it two or three paragraph and no too short but no too long. AJ tell Juan only answer one question a month right now but maybe he change that if Juan get many good question. You send Juan many good question and Juan write more article for AJnet website.


“What is Frosty’s favorite kind of beer?”

The cold kind.


“I’m looking for work, are you guys hiring?”

Currently AJnet Magazine is not hiring writers, or any other staff.

However, we do accept guest submissions. Please see our “Guest Submissions” page for more information.


“I wanna link up with other AJnet fans! Do you guys have a forum or Discord server I can join?”

As of now, AJnet Magazine does not have an official forum or Discord server. If you want to chat with other readers or discuss articles, the best way to do so is to comment on them using Disqus.


“Whatever happened to your TROLLED! series? Will it ever come back?”

TROLLED! is dead, probably for the better.

In this day and age where most web forums are dead and sites like Reddit have auto-moderation, there’s no point in continuing the series. However, it’s with this in mind that we are proud to announce a new regular series at AJnet Magazine called The Reddit Revue.

The Reddit Revue is the spiritual successor to TROLLED!, and focuses on the crazy and stupid stuff people post on Reddit. The major difference between TROLLED! and The Reddit Revue is that the latter is about providing commentary to the screen-captured posts, while the former was simply dedicated to drawing the ire of the forum members. It’s a different kind of madness, but we hope you’ll enjoy it all the same.


“What would AJ look like if he were Princess Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin?”

Stephanie B. of Seattle was kind enough to answer this for the thousands of people wondering:

Fucking sharp, that’s what he’d look like.