I don’t want to go to bed, mom!

Why is bed time always so early? It’s only 9 o’clock, I’m not even tired yet! Maybe if bed time was at 11 that would be okay but my mom makes me shut off my game at 8:30 and get ready so I can be in bed at 9. That’s so stupid!

My friend Jay says his bed time is 10. That’s because Jay’s mom is cool. When I go over to Jay’s house she always orders us pizza and lets me drink Mountain Dew. My mom won’t let me drink Mountain Dew because she said it’s bad for me and makes me too hyper. When I sleep over at Jay’s house I eat pizza and drink Mountain Dew and play Fortnite as late as I want! One time I even got to stay up until midnight!!! And I don’t have to hear my stupid little brother Aiden scream either.

Mom said I have to go to bed at 9 because it’s a school night and if I don’t get enough sleep I’ll be tired at school and I won’t learn anything. That’s not true because one time after mom turned the lights out I hid under the blanket and played my Nintendo Switch until 10:30 and I wasn’t tired at school the next day! So you’re wrong mom!

Fridays are really fun because then dad orders pizza and fries for us and I can have a cup of Pepsi too. Then I watch YouTube and play Fortnite and Minecraft all night until I get tired and fall asleep. Sometimes Jay and my other friend Jamie come over and my mom lets us watch Family Guy and American Dad. But we can go to bed whenever we want to on Friday! I wish every day was Friday, that would rule so hard!

I can’t wait until I’m older then I don’t have to go to bed at 9. My cousin Derrick is 13 and he says he stays up until midnight every night expect for Friday and Saturday when he stays up even later. Sometimes he doesn’t even go to bed!! Derrick is so cool, I hope I can stay up that late when I turn 13.

Bed times suck!!!!!

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By Timmy Baker

Hi my name is Timmy and I am 8 years old!! I like Fortnite and Minecraft and hockey and Family Guy! I hate my annoying little brother Aiden!!! You should read my stories, Ms. Robbie says they are great and I have a very active imagination!

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