What is this site about?

Sometimes this site is about the absurdity of politics. Sometimes it’s about shitty products. It can be about the stupid shit that people do and say, or TV shows that should have never made it on-air let alone garnered a following. It’s about shitty radio DJs and short playlists. It’s about awesome music, women I find attractive, and a burger I made that kicked ass. It’s about nothing at all. Most importantly, this website is about giving a fuck without giving a fuck at all.

Most of all though, this website is about me, an in-his-30s cynical asshole with a superiority complex.

I’m AJ “Angry Jerk” Baker.

Every day, I observe the environment around me. Every day, I grow more and more displeased with it. The world is shit. I know this, you know this, everyone else knows it. So why do we sit back and quietly accept it? Why don’t we speak up and say “This is bullshit!”?

I’m not like that. If I see something wrong, I say something. Sometimes this comes at a cost to me, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s easier for me to tell the truth than it is for me to lie. People need to be told about their mistakes, otherwise they’ll just keep making them.

If you like my site, rock on. If you hate it, get bent.

 Frequently Asked Questions

While I don’t generally receive a lot of detailed emails from readers, I do receive many similar comments and questions from people at forums I hang out at or that I personally show the site to. I also assume that my readers have some of the same questions, but are too lazy to send me an email addressing them. I will update this as needed.

“Were you serious about what you said in (article)?”

Maybe, maybe not. If you can’t figure it out on your own that’s your problem.

PROTIP: Most of my articles pre-2008 were bullshit with a bit of truth mixed in here and there. Also, I was drunk and/or high for most of my articles before 2012.

 “Can I post a link to your site on my own?”

I was surprised to learn that there are still people who get pissed at the idea of someone linking them without asking permission first. Are you guys fucking serious? Hotlinking images is one thing, but to get pissed off that someone thought your site was cool enough to share is absurd. Of course anyone may link to my website without asking. However, if you’re going to plagiarize my work with the intent of personal gain, I can’t be held responsible if your website/email address/bank account gets broken into with the intent of causing you ruination. I also can’t be held responsible if you receive an influx of junk mail at your home or work addressed to “Pablo Sanchez”, or if you are bombarded with calls from telemarketers asking for the same person.

“Can we trade links?”

I don’t trade or exchange links with anybody. Either you like my website enough to link it or you don’t.

“Where do you stand on the political spectrum?”

On the high ground. Both sides are oceans of shit.

“Maddox wannabe, blah blah blah.”

Eat a dick.

“When are you going to update next?”

Whenever I have something to say. Update schedules are for dorks.

“What would you look like if you were Princess Jasmine from the Disney movie ‘Aladdin’?”

Stephanie B. of Seattle was kind enough to answer this for the thousands of people wondering:

Fucking sharp, that’s what I’d look like.

“(Anything relating to white supremacy)”

Read this and fuck off.