AJnet has many operatives, but few are good enough to be official AJnet Staff. Meet the AJnet writing team!

Angry_Jerk (AJ)

The founder and owner of AJnet, and the current king of internet ranting.

Hailing from the fine village of Northeast Philadelphia, AJ has been creating content on the internet for over 15 years. None of it has really been funny or entertaining, but he keeps trying anyway. When he’s not creating new articles for the site, he can be found watching anime or playing retro video games.

Also, may or may not be the mastermind behind a global network of operatives attempting to overthrow the Illuminati and take over control of the world.



Señor Juan

AJ’s oldest friend and AJnet’s resident advice columnist, Señor Juan has been an AJnet Staff member since 2008, when AJ first hired him to pose for a picture and slash a neighbor’s tires.

Since then Juan has been a valued member of the team, earning his American citizenship, piloting the AJnet Huey, and keeping Frosty from getting too carried away. His soothing stories, alleviating anecdotes, and ability to smile in even the most perilous of situations help others find the reassurance they need during troubling and trying times.



Frosty Mugg

Frosty is a reckless idiot, a dirty lech, and a drunk bastard.

When he’s not sitting on a bar stool pounding down one beer after another, he’s usually making poor decisions during moments of drunken impulsiveness. Due to an incident involving a college girl, Buddhist monks, and a trip across Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, Frosty is legally required to be intoxicated at all times. He resides in the city of Philadelphia, and is very much single, ladies.



Raging Angry Negative Typing Electronic Robot, or R.A.N.T.E.R. for short, is an artificial intelligence programmed to create articles for the website when AJ is being lazy doing important stuff.

Repurposed from a salvaged robot named ANTRAN and reprogrammed to write by Carl in the AJnet R&D Team, R.A.N.T.E.R. is mad at the world and the people living in it, and has no problem letting them know that.


Troy Jackson

A graduate of Syracuse University, Troy Jackson is widely considered one of the best journalists in the industry.

We’re not quite sure why he left his job at the Huffington Post to come write for AJnet, but hey, we know better than to look a gift horse in the mouth.



Hiro Shima

Hiro Shima is an Asian expat residing in America.

Hiro came to America to pursue his passion of video game development. During his time at MIT, he discovered his fondness for alcohol, his fondness for writing about video games, and his fondness for mixing the two. In addition to writing video game-related articles for AJnet, Hiro works full-time in the video game industry for a large developer (we won’t say who).