Spring cleaning gone wrong

Some images on the site are broken. Here’s why.

The other week at AJnet HQ, I decided it was time to do some spring cleaning. Pulling out desks, throwing away useless clutter, shredding unimportant incriminating documents, stuff like that.

I don’t usually require all of the staff to always be at the office. As long as the work’s getting done I don’t care where it gets done. For example, I’m writing this while taking a dump. Most AJnet staff comes to the office anyway, but several of our team members don’t typically come to the office unless it’s required. Señor Juan works for his uncle, so he’s usually not around. Frosty is another one who doesn’t often come to the office.

Unfortunately, Frosty chose spring cleaning day to make one of his rare appearances. Even more unfortunately, someone (Carl) assigned him to “clean the servers”.

When Carl told Frosty to clean the servers, he meant dust them off. But Frosty, in his perpetual drunkenness, took this to mean clean up files on the server. How Frosty decided which files to “clean up” is anybody’s guess, all he kept telling me when I asked him what the hell he did was that he used to be a webmaster. He also kept trying to call his “Chinese friend Peter”. This Peter guy never answered for Frosty, but that didn’t stop him from leaving progressively racist and offensive voicemails reminiscent of a Rob Schneider cameo in an Adam Sandler movie.

In any case, Frosty deleted a bunch of images from the site. These images include pictures that accompany articles, as well as the title cards for articles. It appears that the images were mostly from our older articles, but we’re still trying to ascertain the damage and fix the broken images as we find them. If you happen across an article with a broken image, please let us know either in the comments section or by email.

While searching the archives for broken images, we also discovered that many of our old articles were missing “Read more” tags, and as such weren’t displaying properly in the listings. Some were also missing meta descriptions. This is completely unrelated to whatever Frosty did (we think), but feel free to blame him for this too.

Rest assured readers, we’ll be working on getting these issues fixed in the coming month. In the meantime please bear with us as we get our shit together, and I deal with a certain beer-guzzling freeloader.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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By Angry_Jerk

The CEO/Editor-in-chief of AJnet, and the current king of internet ranting. Hailing from the fine village of Northeast Philadelphia, AJ has been creating content on the internet for over 15 years. None of it has really been funny or entertaining, but he keeps trying anyway. When he’s not creating new articles for the site, he can be found hitting the weights, watching anime, or playing retro video games.