Abortion is a hot and polarizing topic right now, but I can’t figure out how I should feel about it.

Last year, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a case that paved the way for allowing women to get abortions. Almost immediately, everyone went nuts on both sides. The left began raging and stalking out the homes of Supreme Court justices (primarily Trump-nominated Brett Kavanaugh; because we need to link this to Trump somehow, right?), and multiple states immediately set out to pass blanket bans on abortions.

As a man, the media says that my opinion on this matter is supposed to be irrelevant. Unless of course it’s to support abortions for everyone everywhere all of the time. Only if I agree with the mainstream narrative am I allowed to express my opinion. Otherwise, I need to keep my male mouth shut, “simple as that”.

I need to just go on a tangent here for a minute and say that I absolutely fucking hate the phrase “Simple as that”. Whenever the phrase is used, the issue at hand almost always is never “simple”, and the person using it is almost always a retarded SJW Redditor or Twitter user (Twit? Twat?) looking to shut out the other side of whatever malformed opinion they were fed by some left-leaning talking head. It’s not “simple as that” you vapid fucking cunt. If it were, there would be no debate on the issue at all. Just because you downvoted and/or blocked any people with another opinion on the issue doesn’t mean the other side of the argument went away, no matter how badly you wish they did.

I digress. My point is, as a man I’m told that, unless I agree with whatever the media says, my opinion on abortion is invalid and I should shut the fuck up. A very valid point, but if I may offer any would-be silencers a rebuttal: GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Since the Supreme Court’s ruling last year and the public shitstorm that followed, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the topic of abortion, and I can’t figure out how I should feel about it.

This is where the harpies will screech at me “HER BODY HER CHOICE, SIMPLE AS THAT”. Well, I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s that simple. Saying “simple as that” in regards to abortion trivializes what’s usually a very difficult and painful decision for a woman to have to make.

Yes, the woman is the one who carries the child to term, but it takes two people to make a kid. If I got a woman pregnant, I would expect her to at least be grown up enough to discuss the issue with me. Any woman that’s too immature to have a serious discussion about OUR child’s future should have her vagina sewn shut and not be allowed to procreate. I’m also going to go ahead and call out the deadbeat dads here. If you knock up a woman and immediately try to avoid responsibility, you deserve to have your dick chopped the fuck off. This is a gender-neutral problem, both of the two genders that exist are guilty here. The woman needs to at least attempt to talk to the man about the situation instead of blindly running off and getting an abortion, and the man needs to at least step up and talk to the woman about the situation instead of running off and ghosting her like a scumbag.

I honestly see a lot of validity to both sides of the debate. I’ll start with the pro-abortion side.

The best case for allowing abortion can be found in poverty-stricken communities. As I mentioned in a previous article, having children that you can’t take care of often leads to the children growing up to become future criminals. Those children end up growing up in a hostile environment, and in their struggle to survive that environment will turn to various forms of crime to make ends meet, due to pressure from their peers, or simply for fun. More often than not, young men growing up in poverty don’t have a positive male influence in their lives, and are usually raised by a mother who doesn’t care, or is so busy working to provide that she doesn’t have time to always be there for her kid and provide the kind of influence they need to grow into a well adjusted human being. I’m not saying every kid raised in this kind of environment grows up to be a criminal, but if you were to interview criminals about their upbringing most of them would probably have similar stories to this.

Being forced to raise a kid you can’t afford to care for also pushes you even deeper into poverty. Sure, there’s government assistance, but even that doesn’t pay all that much (unless you scam the system, of course), and it’s certainly not going to get you out of poverty. Raising a kid is expensive, and it’s likely that the kid will also grow up to be poor. Yes, it’s entirely possible for someone from a poor family to bust their ass in school, earn scholarships, go to college, and effectively end the cycle of poverty. Possible, but unlikely, given that these kids have to compete with an environment that continually tries to drag them down. Most kids in the ghetto are raised with the idea that there’s really no chance for them from the start. Biggie said it best in “Things Done Changed”:

Because the streets is a short stop

Either you’re slingin’ crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot

Being able to apply yourself hard at school is hard when you’re surrounded by gangs, drugs, and random acts of violence every single day. It’s easier for most poor people to focus on sports and become athletes than it is to study. Why do you think there’s so many black athletes? Try growing up in the hood and see if it’s easier to study than it is to sell drugs or get good at basketball. The fact is, most poor people are working at a major disadvantage, and expecting them to be able to work hard in the same public school where their homies are selling drugs, getting into fist fights daily, or getting shot at is lunacy. By not allowing their mothers the option of abortion, you’re creating a new generation of poverty-stricken people, and contributing to their suffering and the suffering of others living in poverty.

Allowing people who can’t afford to have children to get abortions would effectively be combatting several issues at once, including poverty, crime, and child abuse. Yes, it would basically be targeting poor people, but how can anyone support forcing poor people to take care of kids that they usually don’t want because they can’t afford it? In this respect, abortion could be viewed as an act of mercy for the unborn child. Let them suffer for a lifetime, or terminate their life before it starts? Of course, there’s always the option to carry the baby to term, then put the baby up for adoption. This also puts the child at risk. Foster homes are full of children who won’t be adopted, and will grow up with a huge chip on their shoulder. People who grew up in the foster care system know exactly what I’m talking about. More often than not, adopted children end up turning to similar vices as poor children, unless they’re lucky to have been adopted into a wealthy family (unlikely, since wealthy families seem to love adopting babies from overseas instead of American babies; Guess it’s safer to virtue-signal with a Chinese baby than it is a black one, right?). We can’t keep flooding the system with unwanted children.

There’s also rape victims to take into consideration. Should a rape victim really have to give birth to her rapist’s baby? Hell, let’s take this a step further. A father rapes his daughter, and gets her pregnant. What are the implications of the daughter being forced carry and give birth to the baby that her own father forcibly put inside of her against her will? The idea that a woman should have to carry and birth a child from her rapist doesn’t sit right with me.

Like I said though, there’s another side to this debate, and that other side does have some merit too.

Critics against abortion argue that a life is a life, and that by aborting a child still in the womb, you’re essentially murdering a baby, and taking away its chance at life.

And they’re right. At the end of the day, aborting a fetus is literally taking the life of a child. You’ve determined that that child has no chance to amount to anything, and are preventing it from even attempting to take that shot. Yes, I previously argued that it’s highly unlikely that a child born to a poor mother will grow up to succeed at life. But by aborting that child, you’re turning an unlikely chance into absolutely no chance. Yes, the statistics are against that child, but statistics aren’t hard-set rules that can’t be defied. The future hasn’t been written yet, who’s to say that child won’t defy statistical odds and grow up to cure cancer or become the next Martin Luther King?

Further, some women are using abortion as a form of birth control. During the protests against the Supreme Court, I saw one woman bragging that she had 30 abortions. If you’ve had that many abortions then there’s a problem, and that problem is your inability to keep your fucking legs closed, or at least use contraceptives. Seriously, no matter what side of the debate you’re on, any reasonable person can agree that having 30 abortions is beyond excessive, and absolutely disgusting. You’re literally trivializing the choice to terminate a child’s life, and making light of what’s usually a very difficult decision for most women. I’m no doctor, but I also imagine you’re wreaking havoc on your hormones by getting pregnant so many times.

While that’s obviously an extreme example, it highlights a sad truth, that there are women out there using the abortion clinic as a get-out-of-jail-free card to go out and act irresponsibly. Rather than use birth control or tell the guy to pull out, these women say “It’s cool, if I get pregnant I’ll just get it aborted again!” And that’s disgraceful. I also notice that, more often than not, the women doing this are college-educated and from suburban backgrounds. Really makes you wonder why it seems like ivory tower liberals are some of the loudest pro-abortion voices. Sure, a lot of it is their trademark virtue-signaling, but there’s a reason the “irresponsible rich kid” stereotype still persists. These suburbanite assholes don’t really care about poor people having to raise kids they don’t want, a lot of them just want the option to hide any “shameful” mistakes should they or their daughters want to go out sleeping around and accidentally get knocked up. I’m in no way “slut-shaming” on this one, all I’m saying is if you’re gonna go out and slut it up at least use common sense and use birth control of some sort. Nobody should be racking up frequent flier miles at the abortion clinic.

At the end of the day, this one really isn’t my fight. I don’t have a horse in this race, my girlfriend and I aren’t irresponsible, so there’s little to no chance of any unwanted pregnancies. But I think there’s some key points here that any reasonable sane person can agree upon, regardless of their opinion on whether or not abortion should be legal:

  • Getting an abortion is a very difficult decision for a woman to make.
  • Poor people are the ones most negatively affected by unwanted pregnancies.
  • Having to give birth to your rapist’s baby is traumatizing.
  • At the end of the day, you’re still terminating a human life.
  • Repeatedly getting abortions isn’t a good thing.
  • Rather than rely on abortions, people should practice safe sex and use common sense to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Overall though, I think a more valid solution to this issue would be to eliminate the need for abortion by making sterilization options more accessible to those who want them. Things like tubal ligation and vasectomies need to be made more affordable to people in poor communities. I covered this idea in depth in my “AJ runs for president” article a few months back, so if you want the full rundown on my strategy for making sure women aren’t put in the uncomfortable position of having to consider an abortion (as well as my game plan for dealing with other pertinent issues this country is facing), then I recommend you give that a read.

Otherwise, I really don’t know how to feel about abortion. I guess the best compromise would be to allow abortion, but for people to exercise good judgement when making the choice to go get one. Also, people should use contraceptives, and if you can’t afford those the pull-out method is 80% effective. This is one of those instances where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A blanket ban on all abortions is going to create more problems than solve them, but being a regular at the abortion clinic isn’t a good thing either.

Most importantly though, people really need to stop dealing in extremes, especially when human lives are involved.

By Angry_Jerk

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