I won’t be voting in the 2024 presidential election. Here’s why.

Over the years, many people have read this website and tried to figure out exactly where I stand on the political spectrum. I’ve been placed everywhere, from Democrat to Republican, liberal to conservative, fascist to communist, socialist to Nazi.

You’re all wrong.

When it comes to politics, I choose not to align myself with politicians or their parties. I can’t speak for any of the other writers on this site, but I don’t affiliate myself with any person or organization that isn’t me. I feel that blindly putting myself behind someone is a recipe for disaster, especially when that someone is a politician. My philosophy is that there’s no such thing as an honest politician, they’re all reptiles as far as I’m concerned.

It’s with that in mind that I won’t be voting in the 2024 presidential election.

I can already hear the gasping.

“Oh my God AJ, you can’t just not vote! You’re supposed to vote for the lesser of the two evils! If you don’t vote then you have no right to complain!”

Fuck that, I have every right to complain.

I’m not voting for Joe Biden or Donald Trump. This “lesser of the two evils” logic is retarded, a vote for the lesser evil is still an endorsement for evil. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both evil, and I wouldn’t endorse either of them to run a lemonade stand let alone run the country. One is a senile old idiot who doesn’t know where he’s at while the other is an impulsive old idiot who doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up. Joe Biden vs Donald Trump is the rematch that nobody asked for or wanted. If these clowns are our choices for the 2024 presidential election then we’re fucked.

And no, RFK isn’t a choice. Let’s be real, no third party candidate has a shot in hell, and even if he did the last thing this country needs is another Kennedy running the show.

Donald Trump is quite possibly the most obnoxious and boorish person I’ve ever seen hold political office, and when you consider the caliber of the people running this country that’s really saying something. This man somehow managed to turn politics into an even bigger shit show than it already was with his ignorant demeanor, and the fact that he has such a large following is a testament to just how stupid America has become. Did we just forget that this is Donald Trump, one of the biggest clowns in the business world? This guy ran for president countless times, and each time we treated him as a joke candidate. Then in 2016, we suddenly decided he was qualified to run the country?

I get why everyone dickrides Donald though. He’s brash and outspoken, he has no problem saying what’s on his mind or how he’s feeling, and he does it with confidence. We’re so used to politicians pussyfooting around and mincing their words, or speaking too eloquently and yet still saying nothing. Then Trump came around and spoke with a bold hyperbole that turned politics on its head. Basically, Trump didn’t speak like a politician, and people loved that.

Being bold and outspoken isn’t necessarily a bad thing, people shouldn’t be afraid to speak out and voice their opinion. The problem is though, this isn’t something the President of the United States should be doing. As president your every word carries authority and weight. When you speak the entire world is listening and analyzing everything you say and do. This kind of brash honesty and “straight talk” might work in the boardroom, but on the world stage it’s dangerous. One misstep and you could potentially spark a war. People can literally die if you say the wrong thing. I don’t want a man who throws temper tantrums on Twitter/X addressing the entire world on behalf of my country, that’s just asking for trouble.

Trump’s outspokenness and his willingness to challenge the status quo and speak out against the left’s bullshit would be almost commendable if he weren’t doing it as the POTUS. The president is responsible for the interests of the entire country, not just half of it. As such, it’s their responsibility to reach across the aisle and work with both parties to get shit done and benefit the American people as a whole. Trump spent too much time butting heads with the Democrats over stuff that really didn’t matter in the long run, like that stupid fucking wall. This country is facing a million other issues right now, we can secure the border with Mexico through other means that aren’t an expensive wall.

Our other option, Joe Biden, seems keen on letting as many illegal immigrants in as possible. The entire thing in Eagle Pass, TX was ridiculous. Why were Biden and the Democratic Party so hellbent on letting Mexicans and South Americans flood across the border? How does allowing all these people in benefit America in any way? It doesn’t. I’m not sure if they think these people would become citizens and vote Democrat (they won’t, most Mexicans and South Americans are hard-working and religious, two things the left seems to eschew), or if this was some white savior complex bullshit or whatever, but opening the gates and telling everyone “Come on in!” isn’t going to benefit anyone at the end of the day.

I’m not blaming Biden for this so much as I’m blaming whoever his handlers are. It should be obvious to anyone that Joe Biden has dementia. Seriously, this guy has no idea where the fuck he’s at most of the time. He probably thinks he’s the president of Jupiter. During his four years in office I’ve watched Biden fall countless times, try to shake hands with people that weren’t there, and flub more lines than George W. Bush. I gave Bush so much shit for how poorly he spoke, but if I had known what was coming 20 years later I might have cut old Dubya a break. The media has been working overtime to cover up and downplay Biden’s verbal missteps, it’s nuts. I understand that the only alternative was Donald Trump but holy shit, who actually watches Biden speak and thinks this guy is president material? Get the guy out of office already, even if you replace him with Kamala Harris and tell her to keep doing absolutely nothing like she’s been doing. At least she doesn’t have dementia. Watching Joe Biden’s senile old ass flounder about on stage is painful and embarrassing as an American.

Both sides have absurdly large armies of dickriders, Stans, and simps, but nobody can give me a valid reason to vote for either of these assholes. Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or any politician actually cares about them is a straight up dipshit. It’s amazing how far some of these morons will go to defend their favorite politicians, even going so far as to storm the Capitol Building in the name of Donald Trump. The people rioting in the summer of 2020 over George Floyd were animals, but the people at the January 6th riots were arguably worse. I’d have supported storming the Capitol for virtually any other reason, God knows there’s plenty. Storming the Capitol because Donald Trump lost an election? Get real, idiots. They may not necessarily be insurrectionists, but they’re definitely retards. Same goes for the assholes in the media who blindly cheerlead everything Biden does. Take the wrinkly old dicks out of your mouths and realize you’re getting fucked either way.

If my only two choices in the 2024 presidential election are an ignorant loudmouth or an old fuck with dementia, then I’m going to do the sensible thing and not choose. Just because one candidate sucks slightly less than the other one doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to vote for them. This is what we’ve allowed our governments to become, a system where all the choices suck so we’re expected to vote not based on who’s actually competent but rather on who’s less incompetent than the other person. This isn’t a system I want to support in any way.

The 2024 presidential election is going to be the biggest shit show in this country’s history. And no matter which one of these douchebags wins, I can say that I had absolutely no part in it. Fuck Trump and fuck Biden.

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By Angry_Jerk

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