In early 2011, I was interviewed by Blazing Pocket.

As I stated in the last Rantlister Archives article, I’m pretty much out of old Rantlister material to republish.

I was kind of sad, but then I remembered that I’ve saved virtually every aspect of this site over its 17 year history. Not only that, but I’ve also saved stuff I wrote before the site even existed. I have enough old material to create a new feature, “The AJnet Archives”.

While the Rantlister Archives focused mostly on old interviews I did with other writers, the AJnet Archives will focus on the history of AJnet. I’ll be doing things like republishing old articles from before the site existed, articles that I started but never completed, old logos for the site, stuff like that. I also have a trove of fan mail, as well as over 300 emails I received from a schizophrenic Jihadi over a span of seven years (I touched on this briefly in a recent article). I’ll even be revisiting the AJnet Forums (don’t worry old forum members, I won’t be doxxing anyone or sharing anything sensitive). We have over 17 years of history to cover here, so buckle in.

Our first trip into the AJnet Archives will be an interview I did.

This particular interview was done for a site called “Blazing Pocket”. Blazing Pocket was one of several websites ran by a friend, loyal reader, and AJnet Forum member named Lanzar.

Lanzar was an… interesting character, to put it politely. I could easily write an entire article on the guy’s antics and strange behavior, though I probably never will since I don’t actually have a problem with him. During his time on the AJnet Forums, Lanzar did things like create new accounts every week, leave the forum “for good” every other week, and write very long, rambling, and barely coherent posts about various things. He wasn’t a bad person, he was just weird, and judging by his behavior I think he may have been somewhat autistic. He also had a very, um, unique writing style, which you’ll get a small taste of in the interview. I mean, he felt the need to explain what “Jumping the shark” meant. Oof.

Lanzar had been reading my site since early 2008, and weirdo or not I still considered him a friend, so when he asked to interview me for his own site in early 2011 I readily agreed. Blazing Pocket, along with his other sites, are long since gone, but his interview lives on because I apparently saved it to my server and found it when I was doing some tidying up. Compared to the Rantlister Interviews this one is fairly short, but I’m still glad I saved it. I think it’s an entertaining read for readers of this site new and old. I’m not too sure what Lanzar is up to these days, and I haven’t talked to him in close to ten years, but I hope wherever he is he’s doing well and I wouldn’t mind hearing from him again. You know where to find me, bud.

Anyway, this is Blazing Pocket’s interview of me, originally posted to Blazing Pocket sometime in early 2011 (I don’t remember the exact date).

For about four years now, AJ over at, has been serving the ranting community with helpings of how the world can kindly fix itself (aka how the world can fuck off). While it is true there have been many Maddox ripoffs hoping to cash in on the craze, AJ’s writerings have always been that of an entrepeneur. AJ has never been on about psuedo-intellectual fame or glory. Instead, a trip through the archives will show AJ has honed his craft of venting through the power of one of his passions, writing.

Along with the personal pleasure of serving a fellow writer, submitted for your approval, Blazing Pocket proudly presents an interview with AngryJerk.


What was the idea behind

It started as a site meant to piss people off with some of my more “controversial” opinions, and eventually evolved into a rant site where I said whatever the fuck I felt at the time.


You sound like you like to vent. What was the biggest thing you’ve ever done to piss someone off?

Slept with a man’s wife. Served him right for being an asshole.


Would you consider yourself an asshole?

At times, yeah. Most of the time though I’d consider myself fair, treating people the same way they treat me.


How far do you and Grace Slick go back? You mention her off and on in your rants. Do you two have any major plans for the future?

It started as a joke with me and an ex-girlfriend who liked the song “White Rabbit”, then became a running gag after I got drunk one night and decided that my website needed a running gag. There are no plans for the future, but if I ever succeed in building a time machine, there will be plans for the past, which will consist mostly of me plowing her from behind.


Recent polls from an undisclosed source show that Senior Juan has his own following and is gaining in popularity, how do you feel about this?

Me gusta.


For readers not in the know, what can you tell us about Thilo and ranting culture in general? Are you a part of the rant circle, is it just a hobby, do you not care etc?

Thilo is hilarious and his site is definitely one of my top favorites, but I wouldn’t call him a ranter, since his site has more than just rants. I’m hesitant to even call myself a ranter for this same reason. Someone really needs to come up with a new term for these kinds of sites. Really, writing is just a hobby and a constructive outlet for me to vent my misanthropy.


Why do people hate you so much?

Because haters gonna hate.

Actually, I have twice as much fan mail as I do hate mail, and more people tend to complement me on my site than they do criticize. But maybe it’s because I’m still relatively underground.


Have you ever thought of going mainstream? And if so, do you have any regards to so called “jumping the shark”?

You can’t just decide to go mainstream. That’s determined by how many people know about your site.

If I went mainstream by some freak chance, I could see it being both a good and a bad thing. On one hand, more people would be enjoying my site, but on the other hand it might attract the attention of people whose attention I don’t want. If it happened, I don’t think I’d change anything, since I do this more for myself than I do others.


For the ladies, what is your preferance?

Not dumb as a brick, not shallow and superficial, not manipulative, not deceptive, not a raging alcoholic, not jealous, not psychoanalytical. Personality is pretty much everything for me, but dat ass always helps.


While we’re on the topic of guy stuff, what are your favorite all around, all American activities?

Partying, surfing the intertron, pirating shit, and writing.


Partying and Pirating? Any memorable stories or run ins with the law?

Not for me, but a couple of my friends once thought it was a good idea to steal license plates while trashed, and came back to the house with 9 plates. It’s a miracle they didn’t get caught.


Sweet Jesus. Before we wrap things up, any closing comments, future plans for AngryJerk etc?

Yeah, I just want to give a shout-out to FuckedYouFucker and Manslem, the two people keeping my forums alive. Also, word up to my bros Vipey and Rotten Tom. Oh, and Malachi is a fag LOL.

Thanks for the interview.


There you have it ladies and gentlemen! While AJ does come off as crass, his heart and motive are in the right place. But don’t take our word for it. Click the link above for a first hand glance at AJ’s hearth. Remember; His craft improves with your comments and suggestions, so do not hesitate.

[Blazing Pocket Editor’s Note] Jumping the shark is a term in the ranting community for when a ranter’s particular schtick wears off. Originally from an episode of Happy Days, the Fonz jumps a shark in a lackluster display of conquering one of his fears. If the series wasn’t getting bad enough, that was the final blow that killed it and sent it downhill.

By Angry_Jerk

The CEO/Editor-in-chief of AJnet, and the current king of internet ranting. Hailing from the fine village of Northeast Philadelphia, AJ has been creating content on the internet for over 15 years. None of it has really been funny or entertaining, but he keeps trying anyway. When he’s not creating new articles for the site, he can be found hitting the weights, watching anime, or playing retro video games.