I’m sick of needing a damn cell phone for everything nowadays.

In a previous Disqus comment, I said “Sometimes I really do feel like I’m in one of those cartoon reboots where some character from the 90’s gets sent to 2020 and can’t understand the modern world”. That wasn’t an exaggeration for comedic effect, I was being truthful with that statement. I really do feel like some guy whose body is in 2024, but my head is in 2004.

The amount of services that need you to use a phone is insane. Need a verification code to sign up for a website? Sorry, we can only do that through text. Want to look at the menu for a restaurant? You’re going to need a cell phone to scan our QR code. Want to activate two-factor authentication? That can only be done with a text message on your phone. Want to buy tickets for an event? We’ll send you digital ones online! Need to do anything anymore? You’ll need to install our app first!

Please please please! Enough with the damn cell phones! I’ll admit, they can be quite handy to check the time, the weather, and the news, but not everything in the universe needs a damn QR code, or an app, or a fucking text message to be accessible. I give it 20 years before people need their cell phones to decide what to eat, wear, and say (oh wait, people already do that).

Restaurants, please! Let me see a real menu. I want to be able to actually read it, I don’t want to have to struggle by using a fucking microscope to read the tiny text on your .gif file hosted on Google Drive. And to those companies and websites that require a phone number for verification, fuck off! I know for certain that if you require me to give you my phone number, you’ll just end up selling it off to the highest bidder. Same goes to you cunts that want me to download an app to do something, I’m smart enough to know that you’re probably harvesting my data with your spyware.

I don’t see why everyone and everything has a dependency on their smart phones now. People have seriously forgotten how to live without one, and it’ll get worse as time goes on.

My message is simple: Stop relying on your phones so damn much. It isn’t good for you in the long term. And to the companies and websites and businesses that want me to use it for everything, either shape up or fuck off.


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