Internet censorship in the land down under? Crikey!

Plenty of you have already heard about Australia’s mandatory internet filter, and the backlash that ensued from it.

In an all-too-common scenario, Australia’s government still refuses to listen to its people and intends to implement it anyway, joining countries like China and North Korea in regulating what internet users can and can’t look at. They’re saying that it’s only sites that contain child porn, bestiality, and rape, and people shouldn’t be getting so bent out of shape over it, then turning around and telling Aussies that they risk being prosecuted by the Australian Federal Police if they distribute the list. So if I lived in Australia, I could go to jail for linking the list like I’m doing here. Yes, that is the leaked blacklist that Australians can go to jail for sharing. Too bad you can’t touch me, you kangaroo riding faggots. I live in America, where we can still call the government on its bullshit. But please Australia, do send me empty threats of legal repercussions or extradition. My readers and I need a good laugh. Everyone, feel free to distribute the list of websites that the Australian government is working so hard to hush up. This list right here. It can also be found on WikiLeaks, but their site keeps going down for extended periods of time. The Aussie government probably sent Crocodile Dundee to sabotage their servers or some shit.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (the Aussie FCC) says that it’s only child porn, bestiality, and rape sites that are banned, yet I see WikiLeaks on there, I see EncyclopediaDramatica on there, I see gambling sites on there, and I see plenty of legitimate porn sites on there. If the Crocodile Hunter (RIP, mate) were alive today, his response would be something like:

Just another example of a country rescinding its sovereignty to the United Nations. How much longer until the US implements a mandatory filter? With Comrade Obama in office, I fear it’s coming soon.

You know what pisses me off the most about this? The fact that my website wasn’t on there. What the fuck? Half of my site’s content could be labeled as “hate speech” by any UN-pandering special interests group. I’ve expressed admiration for Hitler on several occasions, called for the genocide of entire countries (HI JAPAN), and made threats of physical violence towards others. For fuck’s sake you fascist dingoes, I made a video making light of 9/11! You should be howling for my blood at this point! I know motherfuckers are reading this shit.

This is bullshit, and I will not stand for it. I’m emailing the ACMA and giving them a piece of my mind:

I will update this if I get a reply from them.

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By Angry_Jerk

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