This month on the Reddit Revue: r/MaleLivingSpace!

When it comes to Reddit and cringe, I honestly don’t know a lot.

Sure, most Redditors are cringy. In fact, everyone on Reddit sounds exactly the same when I read their posts. You can only see “This is the way” so many times before you want to go choke out the Mandalorian writer who came up with the phrase. I’m still guilty of following a few subreddits, but as far as the cringier ones go I tend to avoid them unless I’m writing one of these articles. After all, why would I purposely piss myself off by reading stupidity?

Because I don’t know all the popular subreddits that are known for being cringe-filled shit shows, it sometimes gets hard for me to write Reddit Revues. It’s not in my nature to seek out cringe, so half the time I don’t know where to begin.

Thankfully, I have my readers to do the legwork and dive headfirst into Hell to find me subreddits to rip on. They suffer the search so I don’t have to. You guys (and girls, we don’t discriminate here at AJnet) are the real heroes of the Reddit Revue, and I appreciate the suggestions you send me.

Without the help of a reader, I’d have never learned about today’s subreddit subject of ridicule, r/MaleLivingSpace.

r/MaleLivingSpace is almost like r/Battlestations, if r/Battlestations also allowed poor people to post. Instead of computer desks and gaming setups, the focus of r/MaleLivingSpace is the living space of male users (just in case the name wasn’t clear enough). Some of the setups are really nice, but others are real doozies. There’s no in between here, we’re dealing in absolutes. Like a Sith.

Fuck, I just made a Star Wars reference. These articles have me spending too much time on Reddit, it’s starting to give me cancer or something. Let’s get this shit going while we still can.

Here’s r/MaleLivingSpace.

This is the first thing I saw on r/MaleLivingSpace. We’re off to a great start already.


Here’s the second thing I saw. Y’all thought I was lying when I said there’s no in betweens.


You don’t live in New York City, an apartment that size would cost you $10,000 a month.


Option A is alright if you’re a total fucking pollock.


This generation of men doesn’t even know how to put up drywall. We’re fucked.


Leave me alone fake Kristin Schaal, this is r/MaleLivingSpace. No girls allowed. Even if I would love to hear that voice scream my name in submission and say dirty things as she begs for more while I-

Uh, brb.


Wow, I bet you slay so much pussy in here.


Get a rug. But don’t ask the guy from a few pictures back how to place it.


Wow, I bet you slay so much pussy in here.

Wait, I used that one already, didn’t I? Shit.


You don’t deserve that Danny DeVito cutout you fucking stoner trash. Also, take down the Jamaican flag, honky.


Guys really live in apartments like this and don’t see any issue.


Wow, I bet you slay so much pu-

Okay, I’ll stop.


His name isn’t Kevin, he doesn’t have a college degree, he doesn’t have sleep apnea, and you’re not clever or funny. Stfu you autistic idiot.


In this bed, the pussy slays you.


You took 14 photos of this boring shit, what the hell is wrong with you?


So do you just not know what a cartographer is, or…?


You could start by putting literally anything in the room. You don’t even have a light fixture.


Why would you even share this?


Not sure what this has to do with Minecraft. Or male living spaces. Or fucking anything.


This isn’t the bedroom of a man.


You’re right, I don’t accept it.


It’s a shower, how much more shit do you really need in there?


The sub is littered with posts like this. “Duh, my walls are blank. What do I do?” Nobody on this sub knows what fucking shelves or canvas pictures are? Throw a poster up or something, dude. Christ.


Bro I don’t think even ghosts would be caught dead in that shithole.


This 12 year old is living better than I ever will.


I’m pretty sure your friend’s dad is Groundskeeper Willie.


You could try putting in any kind of light for starters, I’ve met goths with brighter rooms.


Unstained? I definitely wood not!


Wow, I bet you slay-

Fuck it, I’m done.


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