Just who REALLY runs the show? Read on and find out the Truth™!

Welcome back Truth Troopers!

Before we go any further, I’m going to advise you to put on a helmet and seek shelter in your basement. That’s because I’m about to drop the mother of all Truth™ bombs and bring the house down on The Powers That Be and their entire operation. I’m going to reveal to you, the reader, the identity of who REALLY runs the show! That’s right Troopers, today we’re naming names!

I told you Jonesy doesn’t pull any punches!

Everyone likes to point the finger at the Rothschilds as the people behind the curtain, and those people may be right but that’s only half of the Truth™ (or as we call it around here, “Tru”). The Rothschild family is very high up on the pyramid, but they’re not actually at the top. In fact, Troopers, the Rothschilds intentionally spread the rumors that they’re the All-seeing Eye at the top of that pyramid! They don’t want you to know the full Truth™, they’re putting on a song and dance to distract you from the man who REALLY runs the show.

Just who is that man? Dear reader, I’m warning you right now that neither me nor AJnet are responsible if you did not heed my warning at the beginning of this article to put on a helmet and seek shelter in your basement.

Truth™ bomb incoming!

Readers, the one who REALLY runs the show is none other than John K. Worthington III!

Now, you’re most likely sitting there saying to yourselves, “Hey wait a second there, I’ve never heard of this ‘John K. Worthington III’ fellow before! Is ol’ Jonesy trying to pull a fast one on us?”

Truth Troopers, when I started out, I made a promise, and that promise was to give you the Truth™, the whole Truth™, and nothing but the Truth™, so help me God. I’m a man of my word, when it comes to the Truth™ I don’t compromise, I don’t relent, and I don’t lie.

There’s a good reason you’ve never heard of John K. Worthington III or even the Worthington family. They don’t want you to! The most powerful family, the “14th bloodline”, finds it easier to rule over us from the shadows. When you’re the stage manager of a play this large, you can’t run the program when you’re out there in the limelight with the performers! The puppeteer sits in the rafters above the stage, choreographing the show to the mesmerized audience who is too busy watching the puppets to see the puppeteer looking down at them from high up.

John K. Worthington III exalts himself so highly above the rest of the world and the people in it that very few people have what he deems the “privilege” of laying eyes upon him. Fortunately, I was able to locate him thanks to a helpful tip off by a Truth Trooper.

I managed to catch Mr. Worthington off-guard. This is a man who has hidden in the shadows for so long that coming face to face with the light of the Truth™ is blinding! I looked that evil sonofabitch right in the eyes and I told him that his time was up, I knew who he was, and I was going to expose him to the entire world! I took out my phone and prepared to take the very first photograph the world would ever see of John K. Worthington III, but before I could take the photo I was savagely beaten by his security goons! They broke my phone and warned me to stay away from Mr. Worthington, as though my mere presence would cause him harm!

You can break my camera, you can break my orbital bone, but you can never break the Truth™! The Truth™ will always stand firm and strong like a fortress of steel, keeping us free and defending us from evil tyrants like Mr. Worthington!

Troopers, I may not have gotten the Holy Grail that is a photograph of John K. Worthington III, but ol’ Jonesy has the sharp eyes of a hawk and the keen memory of an elephant! From memory, I was able to have an artist draw an image of Mr. Worthington. Behold readers, I present you with a glimpse behind the curtain at the one who REALLY runs the show, John K. Worthington III:

John K. Worthington III, a caricature of lies and treachery!

Mr. Worthington, your time is up! We’re tired of your lies, we’re tired of your wars, we’re tired of your pestilence, we’re tired of your evil! The blood of millions is on your damn dirty hands, and it’s time for you to answer for every crime you’ve ever committed! The Truth Troopers are going to kick your ass, John K. Worthington III!

I apologize for my outburst, readers. It’s just that I get so upset thinking about the horrors inflicted upon the world by Mr. Worthington and his cronies. It really brings my piss to a boil, and I hope it makes you feel the same way! I want you to get angry! I want you to feel the same rage I feel! These people are destroying the world you live in, they want you and everyone you love and care about DEAD! 

Are you going to just roll over and die, or will you join me and fight for the Truth™?

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By Alex Jonestown

WARNING: TRUTH™ AHEAD! A proud Texan born and raised, Alex Jonestown is the former host of Truth Troopers Radio, a talk show that brought you the REAL news. Unfortunately The Powers That Be decided that America was not allowed to hear the Truth™ and shut down Alex's radio show. Now Alex has joined forces with AJnet to continue bringing the Truth™ to the American people and the world at large. We will not be silenced, the Truth™ shall set us free!