What was the REAL reason behind the JFK assassination? The Truth™ will shock you!

Welcome back Truth Troopers! As always, I’m Alex Jonestown, friend of freedom, enemy of The Powers That Be, and frontline fighter in the information war. And as always, I promise to deliver unto you the Truth™, the whole Truth™, and nothing but the Truth™, so help me God!

Five years ago, before The Powers That Be cancelled my radio show and tried to squelch the voice of Truth™ and snuff out the light of liberty, I made waves on Truth Troopers Radio when I suggested that there was more to the JFK assassination than what we were told. Our phone lines were flooded with Troopers demanding to know more.

I was going to do it, Troopers. I was going to give you the Truth™ about the JFK assassination. But before I could, The Powers That Be had my radio show cancelled with their false allegations of racism. My listeners were left hanging, wondering exactly what Truth™ ol’ Jonesy knew about John F. Kennedy’s grisly death at the hands of a sniper. For the next five years, I had so many Troopers come up to me at conventions and ask me, “Jonesy, just what the hell is going on with the JFK assassination? What Truth™ don’t they want me to know?”

Nothing warms my heart and fills me with hope more than knowing so many of you are interested in the Truth™! When I first began my mission all those years ago way back in 1999, I made a promise to deliver the Truth™, the whole Truth™, and nothing but the Truth™, so help me God. And, by God, today I’m going to give it to you! Right here on AJnet, I’m going to finally finish what I started in 2019 and shine the light of Truth™ upon the JFK assassination.

Readers, let me ask you a question. What details do you remember about the JFK assassination? Of course you remember the grassy knoll, the book depository, and even the babushka lady.

Do you remember what Jackie Kennedy was wearing?

“Of course I do Jonesy! She was wearing a pink Chanel suit with a pillbox hat! But what the hell does that have to do with anything?”

What if I told you that it has EVERYTHING to do with EVERYTHING?

People watched the world around as John Fitzgerald Kennedy, sitting President of the United States, had his brains blown out, and one of the most prominent details that history remembers is what his wife was wearing. Now just why is that? I’ll tell you why, Troopers!

The fashion industry is behind the JFK assassination.

You read that right, readers! The JFK assassination was a marketing campaign for the Chanel clothing line!

I already hear your disbelief. “Just what the hell kind of nonsense is Jonesy trying to sell me this time? A clothing company had a sitting president killed just to sell more clothes? What a load of shit!”

The facts are right there in front of our faces. These bourgeoisie bastards are practically waving them right in our faces and laughing at us because they think we’re too stupid to figure it out! Unfortunately for them, the Truth Troopers HAVE figured it out! We know the Truth™! We know that Chanel is behind the JFK assassination!

Let me ask you another question, readers. Why did Jackie Kennedy wear that same exact blood-stained dress to the inauguration of Lyndon B. Johnson? Why would a grieving widow who just witnessed her husband being shot in the head want to not only wear that very same outfit, but not even have it cleaned first? That’s right, Jackie O. wore that very same pink Chanel suit and pillbox hat with her late husband’s brains still on the damn thing! Are they even trying to hide it? Chanel was already riding the wave of publicity by having their clothing being seen during the assassination of the President of the United States, why the hell wouldn’t they keep on riding that cash bull by wearing it again at the inauguration of the next president, an event that the entire world was watching? Jackie Onassis-Kennedy and the JFK assassination will forever be associated with that pink Chanel outfit. This is the kind of brand recognition most companies would kill for, and Chanel has!

If that’s not enough, there’s an entire Wikipedia article on Jackie O’s outfit. You just can’t make this up, Troopers! Wikipedia is supposed to be an encyclopedia of information, not a goddamn tabloid! And of course, the brand name is right there in the title, the name “Chanel” boldly asserting itself at the top of the page. The article itself even reads like a damn ad:

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Chanel suit was one of the strongest symbols of bourgeois female chic that could be found anywhere in the Western world, evoking a powerful image of a sophisticated, intelligent and independent modern woman.

This Wikipedia article brought to you by the fine folks at Chanel! So much for that impartiality and neutrality that Wikipedia flaunts in our faces. But Wikipedia has never been about the Truth™, and this advertisement for Chanel shows that!

Now you know the Truth™ about the JFK assassination. You know that Chanel had Kennedy killed as a promotional stunt to bring attention to their brand. You know that Chanel had a grieving widow wear her murdered husband’s blood on national television as that husband’s replacement was sworn in, in a sick and twisted humiliation ritual. You know that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered in cold blood so a clothing company could sell more clothes and increase recognition of their brand.

I don’t know about you, Troopers, but that really brings my piss to a boil! I’m smoking like a barbecue just thinking about it! Chanel is responsible for the killing of a United States president. Something must be done, we the people of these glorious United States must stand up and demand that our government hold this company accountable for their heinous crime. Chanel may be big and strong, big and strong enough to even have a sitting president killed. But the Truth™ is bigger and stronger than any company! The Truth™ is bulletproof, it can’t be shot in the head from a grassy knoll or a book depository. With the power of the Truth™, we will bring the hammer down on the Chanel company and send a message to the rest of the crooks in the fashion industry: You do not control us!

You know the Truth™, now what the hell are you going to do about it?

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By Alex Jonestown

WARNING: TRUTH™ AHEAD! A proud Texan born and raised, Alex Jonestown is the former host of Truth Troopers Radio, a talk show that brought you the REAL news. Unfortunately The Powers That Be decided that America was not allowed to hear the Truth™ and shut down Alex's radio show. Now Alex has joined forces with AJnet to continue bringing the Truth™ to the American people and the world at large. We will not be silenced, the Truth™ shall set us free!