So now the FCC is looking to bring the internet under their regulation.

Basically, the FCC is pushing for internet censorship using the excuse “We want to ensure online freedom and make sure consumers don’t get screwed.” Because I’d totally trust a government agency in protecting my freedom and making sure I don’t get screwed over.

We all know how this shit is going to play out. You know all those pussies bitching about hate speech and cyber-bullying, all those “concerned parents” who want filters to supervise their kids’ online activities for them? They’re going to get their way. First it’ll be “hate speech” that’s outlawed. Then it’ll be “graphic” pictures. Next thing you know, it’ll be just like television, where you need a special permit to get your message out, and that message must carry a content rating and not contain too many dirty words. Sites like mine will most certainly be gone. The average Joe won’t be able to afford to own a website, with all the fees, regulations, and red tape. That’s how censorship works, nice and slow, one step at a time.

I wholeheartedly believe that the assclowns trying to control the flow of information over the internet have underestimated the people, and have severely underestimated the implications of shutting down sites like 4chan. You know what I used to do before I “discovered” the internet? I used to wreak havoc upon my neighborhood. I broke into buildings, robbed unlocked cars, destroyed windows, spraypainted racial slurs on buildings, all kinds of good shit like that. Sometimes I would even provoke the police to chase me down just so I could have fun evading them for a bit. The worst thing I was ever caught for? Throwing a snowball at the window of a Chinese take-out place. This all took place when I was between 12 and 16. Now imagine me about 8 years later, with more knowledge, skill, and a sense of morality that would prevent me from physically harming people or fucking with the privately-owned property of people who did nothing wrong to me. I could probably inflict at least $100,000 of non-lethal damage within a week’s time if I didn’t have an internet addiction as a distraction.

That’s tame if you consider what other depraved lunatics use the internet as an outlet. We have furries, rape fantasizers, people who jerk it to CP, angsty Columbine worshippers, armed-to-the-teeth nutjobs who actively and openly discuss their plots to overthrow the government in the name of white pride, people who fantasize about being serial killers, bored teenagers with copies of “The Anarchist’s Cookbook” (BTW, anyone who actually calls this the “Jolly Roger Cookbook” is a faggot, and so is “Jolly Roger” for trying to take credit for info that was obsolete even in the 90’s, and other info that is just outright bullshit. I mean, “bananadine”. Really?), adult diaper fetish people, end-times whackos who believe that (insert current president)/Vladimir Putin is the Anti-Christ, and real life super heroes. And I’m just scratching the surface. Start closing down their online communities, and you’re pretty much closing down the mental asylums and releasing the patients out onto the streets. I guarantee crimes of all sorts will increase drastically if you start enacting serious internet censorship.

But perhaps that’s what “they” want. Maybe they want justification to crack down on us, to further restrict our freedoms. They WANT us to use violence, because they mistakenly think they have the upper hand in a physical battle.

The plutarchs are opening up Pandora’s box by censoring the internet, but I guess they’re going to have to learn that lesson the hard way. For their own sake, I hope their bunkers don’t rely on electronics of any kind, especially networked electronics. To quote General Patton, “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man. Anything built by man, can be destroyed by him.”

Let me make this perfectly clear. Should the FCC start regulating the internet and dishing out fines like they do for people who swear on-air, I refuse to pay. You guys can issue fines until you run out of paper for all I give a fuck. It’s my right to swear, it’s my right to express unpopular opinions, it’s my right to use racial slurs, it’s my right to just be an overall asshole. Don’t like it? Tough titties, take your censorship and shove it up your asses. I’m not going to be silenced, and I sure as fucking hell won’t be held to ransom over some words. I’ll say what I fucking please on the internet, and if you assholes try to stifle me, well, they say the child in us never dies.

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By Angry_Jerk

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