DJ Egg on the Winamp support forums is an asshole

Winamp dev DJ Egg is an unhelpful prick and a snarky douchebag.

Choosing between WinAmp and Windows Media Player is like choosing between two ugly bitches. In the end, WinAmp is still ugly, but at least it’s not as fat as Windows Media Player, which takes up slightly more RAM and CPU. And just like throwing a black corset and stiletto boots on that ugly bitch to make her slightly less ugly, WinAmp is also easily customizable.

Like that ugly chick, it also has defects, some of which are tolerable or reparable without outside help, and others which require some assistance to fix or mask. After sifting through the countless threads on WinAmp’s support forum, I’ve come to understand a few things:

  • If someone has a problem that can’t be fixed, the best solution is to ignore the post and let it be buried by the solved problems that are mostly bullshit posted by complete n00bs. Then when someone bumps it a few months later, lock the topic and warn the user not to revive dead threads. Do not acknowledge the problem in any form whatsoever, and don’t fix it in the next release.
  • Your entire system specs are required to solve any and all problems you have with WinAmp. This includes your OS (be sure to specify whether it’s 32 or 64 bit), your hard drives, your CPU, your RAM, your motherboard, and any graphics or sound cards you might have. You forgot the serial numbers? How the fuck are we supposed to help you then, idiot?

But most importantly, I’ve come to understand that the head moderator, DJ Egg, is a complete fucking asshole. Seriously, I know most forum moderators are elitist cocksuckers, but this guy is one of the worst I’ve seen. Look at any one of his posts, and chances are they include some kind of condescending snip towards whoever they’re in response to.

“DJ” Egg. What kind of club would hire this asshole to play music? Probably some Eurotrash disco full of douchebags in pink Abercrombie shirts, or some trendy $100 cover fee place you’d find in Los Angeles. Whatever club it is, it’s probably full of pretentious cunts. And I’m sure DJ Egg is at the top of the pretentious cunt hierarchy.

I’m sure that narcissistic fuck Googles his alias on a daily basis, so I have no doubts that he’ll eventually come across this article and pop a boner. “Ooh, some guy is mad because he’s not as smart/awesome as me!” No DJ, I’m not mad. I just think that you’re an arrogant asshole, and that WinAmp is over-hyped by other arrogant assholes who only like it because it’s indie freeware.

That’s all I have to say. Choke on a dick, DJ.

UPDATE 12/28/19: WinAmp is garbage now, go with Musicbee. DJ Egg, you can still eat a fat dick.

By Angry_Jerk

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