TROLLED: Prison Planet is home to some crazy kooks.

I’ve never really been to the forum other than to glance at links I’ve been given over MSN or whatever, and when I created my sleeper account there, it took almost a week for the admins to approve it.

However, the comment system for the articles on the front page requires no approval at all. You can put in any name, a fake email address, and say whatever the hell you want. 9 times out of 10, the admins don’t delete it. This means that every crazy end-times Christian fundy can post all kinds of drivel trying to get us to come to God before the NWO/Antichrist takes over the world (On a side note, it would just blow the minds of these retards if the person who deposes the NWO’s rule was the actual Antichrist). The comments also have their share of regulars. These people fit into one of five categories:

  • Alex Jones fanboys who accuse anyone who disagrees with him of being government-hired trolls (If the government is paying people to troll these retards, I hereby declare this article my resume)
  • Long-time readers who are disappointed in the site’s increasing lack of journalistic integrity
  • Religious nutjobs
  • Trolls
  • Spambots

The potential for lulz is immense.

This guy deserves it for thinking anyone gives a fuck about his kids:

If you think this is sick, you should see the post that was too big for me to screen cap. Let’s just say MusterX felt compelled to share his teaching methods.

You know, if I kept this up for a couple of weeks, I could probably convince the other regulars that this guy really does sexually abuse his children.

He didn’t have anything to say to this. Fucking pussy:

My penchant for being able to write sick stuff like this scares me at times.

FACT: Quoting Asian guys makes you smart:

I get emails from a guy who sends me inane shit like this. Too bad WordPress doesn’t allow their comment system to automatically trash this retard’s comments like Gmail does.

By the way, I’m actually a government disinformation agent trying to discredit Alex Jones.

This is the smartest thing ever said in the comments. No joke.

You laughed at this. Go ahead, embrace your immaturity. I won’t tell.

It’s so funny, other trolls are using it on other regular members:

Spiderman wanted to get to the bottom of this, so he went on MySpace and found Jim (or some now-confused sap with the same name) and sent him a message:

I should do this more often.

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