I’ve wanted to write something like this for a while, but recent events have inclined me to kick this in gear.

Apparently, Blogspot.com decided that one of their hosted blogs was offensive, and closed it down. “The Rants of a Ninja Viking” has become a martyr in the war to protect free speech. Sure, right now this was only a Terms of Service violation. But what’s to stop some entity from eventually stepping in and regulating the internet?

In certain EU countries, it’s illegal to use racial slurs or even deny the Holocaust. The same goes for Canada. How can they make “hate speech” illegal? It’s my right as a human being to express my distaste for certain ethnic or religious groups, namely all of them. First, certain hosts will forbid “hateful, offensive, or derogatory” speech. Eventually all hosts will be required to do so. You’ll have a select few telling you what you can and cannot post on the internet. Want to complain about the absurd extent of the pro-Israeli lobby’s influence on American foreign policy? You just landed yourself a $5,000 fine. Please make that check payable to the United Nations, and mail it to your nearest UN Internet Regulatory Committee office. Want to start your own website? Sure, just fill out this form to apply for your Internet Administrator Permit and mail it in, along with a non-refundable $25 processing fee. Please allow a waiting period of 3 to 5 weeks for us to process your application, as well as carry out the applicable background checks. Should your permit be granted, you will be required to pay a one-time fee of $75. Please note that using your permit to publish hateful, offensive, vulgar, or inflammatory content will result in the revocation of your Internet Administrator Permit with no refund, and a maximum jail sentence of 5 years and/or a $10,000 fine.

The internet must remain uncensored. If someone doesn’t like my website’s content, they could just, I don’t know, maybe not read it. It’s not like I have a gun to peoples’ heads telling them “Look at my website or I’ll blow your fucking head off!” Even though Maddox made up the whole “Mothers Against Maddox” thing (yeah, he created that site), he made a great point. Instead of disallowing “offensive” content, why not just simply not view it? Say you clicked an article on my website making fun of a specific ethnic group. Common sense would dictate that if you knew you were going to be bothered by reading it, you wouldn’t read it. right? WRONG. Instead, you choose to not only read that article, but every article I’ve written. Heaven forbid you move the arrow to the “X” at the top of the window and click it. That would mean you’d have nothing to whine about.

Multi-billion dollar corporations like Google and the Church of Scientology are trying to determine what sites people should be allowed to read and what’s offensive. Google and the Chinese government work hand in hand to censor what websites Chinese people can see. The Cult of Scientology is going around suing people for making fun of them. How the fuck do you sue someone for making fun of you? I wish the Church of Scientology would tell me to take an article down. Go ahead and sue me. No judge on Earth will make me censor this site for something that stupid. I guess they’ll have to try to arrest me. I say “try” because there’s no way in hell I’d ever go quietly for such a stupid thing like making fun of a CULT. I’d be long gone before the police arrived. No fucks are going to tell me I can’t make fun of a DANGEROUS CULT LIKE SCIENTOLOGY. Fuck Scientology and their legal team.

Maybe I went a little bit overboard. My point is, the internet should not be regulated by any entity. If people want to be assholes and call each other racial slurs, bash Jewish people, or hate on Christians, they should be allowed. Let them expose their own ignorance so we know not to associate with them. And if someone is worried they’ll get offended by such content, they shouldn’t read it. Simple as that.

May Ninja Viking’s return to the internet be triumphant and glorious.

By Angry_Jerk

The CEO/Editor-in-chief of AJnet, and the current king of internet ranting. Hailing from the fine village of Northeast Philadelphia, AJ has been creating content on the internet for over 15 years. None of it has really been funny or entertaining, but he keeps trying anyway. When he’s not creating new articles for the site, he can be found hitting the weights, watching anime, or playing retro video games.