Both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are wrong, and I’m tired of pretending this entire war isn’t stupid.

For the last several months, Israel has been carrying out military operations in the Gaza Strip of Palestine. While the larger Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on since 1948, the current battle began with Hamas and a coalition of other Palestinian militant groups launching a surprise attack on Israel, ending with over a thousand Israelis and visiting foreigners dead (mostly civilians), and a few hundred Israelis (also civilians) taken hostage to be used as bargaining chips for the release of Palestinian prisoners held in Israel. Israel responded by launching an all-out assault on Gaza, conducting air strikes and initiating a large-scale ground invasion. The casualties on the Palestinian side are somewhere around 30,000, with the bulk of those being civilians, particularly women and children. The world and its population is heavily divided on the conflict, with some supporting Israel, and others supporting Palestine.

Are you guys fucking serious? In what reality is it considered acceptable to massacre civilians by the thousands? How can anyone possibly justify such barbaric actions against a civilian population? Anybody who believes that the wholesale murder of innocent people is justified is demented and has no place in a civilized society.

That was directed at both sides.

“B-but AJ, Israel has the right to defend itself!” “How dare you AJ, Israel stole Palestinian land!”

No, shut the fuck up. Both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are equally retarded and they always have been, going back to the beginning of this damn thing. Anyone who justifies attacking civilians to get their point across is a goddamn animal, no matter what side they’re on.

First things first, let’s talk about Israel.

I want to know why we’re not allowed to criticize Israel.

Any time someone comes out and condemns something Israel does, they’re accused of being an antisemite and we get smacked in the face with more Holocaust guilt. I’m fucking tired of this bullshit, it needs to stop. The Holocaust was horrible, but it happened 80 years ago. I’m not saying we should forget this tragedy, but at what point does it stop being used as a shield? At what point will I be allowed to criticize Israel or Jewish people without being reminded of an atrocity that happened almost an entire century ago that I had absolutely nothing to do with?

It’s gotten so ridiculous that people have lost their jobs and been expelled from colleges for simply supporting Palestine, under the premise that such support is antisemitism. Isn’t this America? Aren’t we allowed to have our own opinions on stuff? Is it really antisemitic to say “Hey, maybe Israel should cool it with bombing civilians in Gaza?” According to these dipshits, if you don’t support bombing civilians then you hate all Jews everywhere? Yeah, no, go fuck yourself. Remember how Hitler was adamantly against mass-murder? Me neither. There are actual Nazis out there who actually hate Jews. Condemning Israel’s bombing of civilians doesn’t make you one of them. There is absolutely no justification for stripping someone of their livelihood for speaking out against military action. Especially a foreign country’s military action. Only in America can you protest against your own police and military but lose your job for protesting against the military of a foreign country.

When it comes to Jewish people, our attitudes over the last hundred years have shifted drastically. We’ve went from “The Jews are the spawn of Satan, expel them from our country” to “You can’t say anything bad about any Jewish person ever, and if you do then you’re only doing it because they’re Jewish and that makes you basically Hitler.” We’ve overcorrected to the point of insanity. Nobody should ever be immune from criticism just because of their race or religion, that’s discrimination. Especially not an entire country. Israel doesn’t represent all Jews everywhere, there are many Jewish people who are against the state of Israel and Zionism. Jewish Voice for Peace is one such organization, but there are others. There are also many Jewish people who support the existence of Israel but don’t necessarily support the bombing and displacement of innocent Palestinians. If it’s antisemitic to be against bombing civilians, then I guess all those Jewish people are Nazis.

The entire founding of Israel is bullshit to begin with. Going over the entire history in detail would be too much, but the simple version is that after World War 1 the Ottoman Empire’s territory was partitioned out, and England got the land that would become Israel. England immediately promised to use the land to create a Jewish state, which of course pissed off the Arabs already living there. Then in 1948, the Jews claimed the land for themselves and began kicking out the Arabs. Over the following decades, Israel took more and more of Palestine’s land, routinely displacing and killing them as they expanded their borders. I’m sure angry commenters on both sides will be more than happy to expand on what I said or correct any mistakes I’ve made in my summary.

People defend this by saying that it’s the historical land of the Jews, so they have the right to the land. My ancestors are Italian, so by your logic I have the right to go to Italy, find my ancestors’ land, and take it from whoever’s already living there. It’s the historical land of my people, right? If I suggested this you’d call me insane, so why are we giving Israel a free pass? “Let’s find land smack dab in the middle of a region where everyone hates us, then set up shop there and begin expanding aggressively. What could possibly go wrong?” Great strategy, idiots.

Speaking of great strategies, let’s talk about the great strategy Hamas has come up with to win people over to their cause and end the occupation of their land.

The founding of Israel was bullshit, but you know what else is bullshit? Firing rockets into civilian population hubs. Hamas routinely targets Israeli civilians, then cries when everyone calls them terrorists. That’s because you ARE terrorists, you Jihadi jackasses. Attacking civilians to promote your message is the textbook definition of terrorism.

No matter what Israel did, you can’t defend attacking civilians. I know your land was basically stolen from you, but the people you’re haphazardly lobbing rockets at aren’t the ones to blame. Most of these people are just trying to live their damn lives, and then here comes Ahmed and his retarded mujahideen raining death on their heads just for being born and living in the wrong place. You know, the same thing Hamas accuses Israel of doing to Palestinians. If your problem is really about Palestinian land being unlawfully seized, then your targets should be the Israeli government and military, not average Israeli citizens.

What exactly is the plan here, Hamas? What exactly do you expect to achieve by indiscriminately firing rockets into Israel and killing civilians? You’ve been doing this for almost 40 years now. When are you going to accept that your strategy is fucking stupid and doesn’t work? When are you going to realize that killing civilians doesn’t help your cause, and just makes you look like a bunch of assholes? Nobody with a functioning brain would want to be associated with you guys.

Palestine is getting burned to the fucking ground right now, and Hamas has nobody to blame but themselves for this one. Hamas’s attack in October gave Israel casus belli to launch their own campaign against Palestinian civilians. What the hell did you think would happen after you launched a surprise attack, killed thousands of civilians, and took hundreds more captive?

Of course, Hamas knew exactly what would happen. Hamas knew Israel would retaliate with a disproportionately heavy hand and kill civilians. Hamas doesn’t care, because they’re a bunch of backwards savages who view Palestinian civilian casualties as martyrs in their bullshit war. Did you ever stop to think that maybe not everyone else is an extremist idiot who wants to die so you can make a point? Of course you didn’t, you selfish pricks. Way to prioritize the needs of the people you’re supposedly fighting for.

Both sides of the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict are being run by madmen. Both sides are equally guilty of war crimes and mass murder, and as such both sides need to be held accountable for the killing of women and children. No matter how this thing started, no matter what the history of this conflict is, attacking civilians is never an acceptable answer. The state of Israel was built on stolen land, but that doesn’t give groups like Hamas license to kill civilians. In turn, Hamas killing civilians doesn’t give Israel the right to retaliate by killing Palestinian civilians and displacing millions more.

Anyone who blindly takes a side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a lunatic. If I don’t support Israel then I’m a terrorist-sympathizing Nazi, but if I don’t support Palestine/Hamas then I’m a genocide-loving Zionist? What the hell kind of shit choice is that? I don’t support Israel, I don’t support Hamas, both sides can blow each other off the face of the goddamned map, because at this point it’s the only way we’ll ever see an end to this insanity. You’re killing countless people over a piece of fucking desert, you absolute raging fucktards. Am I the only one who truly sees just how insane the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict really is? We need to hold both sides accountable for the massive loss of life and find a way to finally end this bullshit bloodshed once and for all.

Nah, I’m just a Nazi Zionist I guess. Because killing civilians is a totally rational and reasonable thing to do.

By Angry_Jerk

The CEO/Editor-in-chief of AJnet, and the current king of internet ranting. Hailing from the fine village of Northeast Philadelphia, AJ has been creating content on the internet for over 15 years. None of it has really been funny or entertaining, but he keeps trying anyway. When he’s not creating new articles for the site, he can be found hitting the weights, watching anime, or playing retro video games.