OpenShot is a slow, buggy, unusable piece of shit

My experience using OpenShot was terrible. Before you torture yourself with this software, read this first.

EDIT: Wow, this is my top article? A shitty half-assed rant about an even shittier even more half-assed program? Don’t hesitate to check out the rest of my content, there’s so much more than this!

I’ve never had much luck with video editing software. For the longest time, I would pass all video editing duties off to AJnet Brothers Torbrex or Rogar. I tried Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Camtasia Studio, even Windows Movie Maker. My success in even doing the most mundane of video editing tasks was limited.

With my recent foray into the worlds of Twitch and YouTube, I figured it was finally high time to learn to edit my own videos, and not always be reliant on my friends to do everything for me. Torbrex recommended a program known as “OpenShot“. The interface looked simple enough, it did everything I wanted a video editing program to do, and most importantly, it was free. I installed this program, and began working on my latest video endeavor, “WIT Gaming – Emily Wants to Play“.

The first thing I noticed was how slow the program was. Anything I tried to do involving the timeline took tedious amounts of time. I exert less effort deadlifting 255 lbs than I did trying to drag clips around the timeline. Often I would find the program hanging or stuttering as I attempted to line up added audio or video. The further progress I made, the longer the hang time. To temporarily alleviate the lag, I was be forced to restart the program. Within 10 minutes I found myself facing the same issues again.

Resizing or re-positioning an image was a crapshoot. Half the time, I’d click and begin dragging only to find that the image simply didn’t want to budge. So I clicked and dragged again, and kept doing it until OpenShot decided it wanted to listen and try to resize the picture. The resize process was anything but smooth, the program often stretched images in every which way except the way I wanted it to, and took the patience of a saint to work with.

Most people’s first instinct will be to tell me my system specs aren’t good enough for the Herculean task of making a 7 minute YouTube video. Go fuck yourselves:

I wanted to rage at the dev team of this program for releasing such a shoddy program, but I discovered that it’s literally just one guy doing all the dev work by himself, so I can’t get too mad at him. I just wish he would fix this glaring issue that’s apparently been plaguing this program since its conception.

I suspected an issue with the memory caching, so I attempted to look further into this problem using Google. I came across an entire Github community for OpenShot. Already irritated from the issues the program was giving me, my rage dial was turned up past 10 when I saw what was happening on the Github community.

Apparently the developer had appointed one or two people to monitor Github for him, in particular a user who goes by the name “Dylan C.” The C obviously stands for Cunt, because that’s what Dylan is. Floods of users reported similar issues to my own, and their reports were all locked by Dylan. His condescending attitude towards people reporting issues would have made him fit right in on the WinAmp support forums, or on XDA. I screencapped some of this douchebag’s best posts:

But why was Dylan locking everything and trying to sweep all the bug reports under the rug? Well, to quote the scumbag himself, there were just too many of them:

Hey jackass, if hundreds of users are complaining about the same thing, there’s a good chance it’s a legit problem and should probably be prioritized. You can’t just keep locking bug reports and hope they’ll go away. Does the dev know you’re doing this shit? Does the dev know that you’re being a snarky little faggot towards his users? If I was a dev and one of my volunteers was treating my users this way I’d kick his ass to the curb with the rest of the trash so fast his head would spin. Dylan C. is a douchebag piece of shit, and needs to stop trying to bury what is a very legitimate complaint about OpenShot.

My message to the dev is this.

I tried to like OpenShot, I really did. When it didn’t choke up, it was great and did exactly what I needed. It was easy to use, and the layout wasn’t a cluttered mess of bullshit like Hitfilms. OpenShot has great potential. I hear the Linux version doesn’t have the lag issue, though I can’t confirm this because I don’t feel like v-boxing Arch or Hannah Montana Linux again to produce shitty YouTube videos.

Unfortunately, I just can’t work around the lag on the Windows version. I know you’re just one person, and your primary Github volunteer seems to be too busy being a cocksucking piece of shit asshole to actually be of any use to you. I ask that you prioritize this lag issue and make this program the powerhouse that it can be. OpenShot has potential. Stop squandering that potential and fix this shit. You have the brains to make an otherwise great program, now use them and make it not lag to high hell.

To anyone thinking about using OpenShot as it currently is, my advice to you is don’t. I can’t recommend anything else at the moment, but I can promise you that if you use OpenShot you will be ripping your hair out in frustration and you’ll spike your blood pressure.

Feel free to share your OpenShot horror stories in the comments section! Myself and many others would enjoy knowing that we aren’t alone in hating this program.

UPDATE 1/26/20

I made a short video on how to fix Openshot. Watch it here: