Those crazy Jews are at it again. Now they’ve cut the crap and have outright said that people who support the Constitution are racist.

NOTE: Despite some of the jokes being made, this article isn’t meant to attack Jewish people as a whole, but rather the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL does NOT speak for all Jewish people!

I’ve left them alone because they’re too easy of a target to tear apart, and quite frankly I didn’t intend for this website to become some sort of political blog. But every time I tell myself that I’m not going to do another article attacking enemies of free speech, shit like this catches my eye and makes me angry.

Nothing pisses me off more than when groups claiming to represent minorities pull shit like this then turn around and say “BOO HOO WHY DO PEOPLE HATE MINORITIES?” You assholes are only fucking over the people you claim to defend by attempting to pass laws that try to tell people what they can and can’t say. One of these days those same people you’re defending are going to become wise to your act and drag your asses out into the streets and hang you from telephone poles. Actually, you know what would be more fitting?

Hitler threw some of the best pizza parties in German history thanks to the recipes provided by Mussolini. Why else would he have allied himself with that fat sack of shit?

That’s right, I went there.

The ADL is doing more damage to race relations than it is good, although I’m almost certain this is the intention. I’ve already done an entire article on how this works, so go read it if you don’t understand how hate crime laws are meant to keep the lower and middle classes fighting amongst themselves while the self-proclaimed “elite” treat us like slaves.

On their website, the Anti-Defamation League claims to be a non-profit organization, but anyone with half a brain can see through this ruse. Those sheisty schlocks are always about making a profit. Why else do they always work their employees to the breaking point for meager pay? Jesus saw this and tried to call them on it. As soon as he garnered a following, they had him crucified. Unfortunately for those hook-nosed rats, Jesus rose from the dead and kept at it. Matthew 10:43-48 reads as follows:

“The House of David hath held me in contempt of their maleficent conspiracy, and hath crucified me. And I say, thou must avenge me and spill the blood of a hundred-thousand Sons of David. Slay ye every one of them, man woman and child. And worry not, for my Father shall sift amongst them and receive his own.”

Of course, this part was removed over time by Jews who infiltrated the Church. Adolf Hitler knew of its existence, and thus decided to initiate the Holocaust. Hitler’s actions weren’t a personal bias, but rather a strong loyalty to Jesus.

Uh oh, he’s writing stuff of an anti-Semitic nature. Quick, let’s pay the authorities to shut his website down. If that doesn’t work, we’ll file a civil suit and make him pay us monetary damages. God we love money.

I can see the ADL’s reaction to this article:

And their subsequent attempt to stifle me:

I’m the guy on the right wearing the shit-eating grin. You might be wondering why I would still smiling even after my apparent defeat. I already knew the power of Jew Gold over the legal system, so I already picked out my next domain name:

So supporting the basic rights enshrined in the Constitution is considered racist and toxic, eh? I love the use of the word “toxic”, by the way. Now, are we talking “Taking advantage of a large-scale tragedy perpetrated against us by using it to justify taking land from our ancestral enemies” toxic? Or are we talking “Using wealth obtained from swindling people to pretty much buy an entire government” toxic? We’ve only ever had one black president ever. All the others were white males. United States of America? More like UNITED RACISTS OF AMERIKKKA, amirite?

FACT: Almost all of the Founding Fathers owned slaves!

FACT: There was not a single minority present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence!

Well shit, I guess people who support the Constitution really are supporting racism. The Constitution is SO outdated! It’s the 21st Century people, time to get with it! We can’t expect to be able to go around hurting the feelings of others, now can we?

Here’s an idea. If you lobbyist fucks are so hell-bent on supporting Israel, why don’t you fuck off over to there and stop screwing with my rights?

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