Summer vacation is awesome!!!!!

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I don’t have to go to school for two months so that’s my favorite thing about summer but there’s a lot more things I like too.

Every summer in August my mom takes us to Knoebels and she lets me bring my friends Jay and Brandon. Knoebels is the coolest place ever! We go camping at the lake there and we go to the amusement park where I get to ride the Downdraft and the Galleon. Then if my stupid little brother Aiden behaves himself mom and dad take us to the pool there and I can ride the water slide and jump off the diving board. Knoebels is so fun I wish we could go every month!

When it’s summer I don’t have to go to school so I can sleep over at my friend Jay’s house and we can stay up all night playing Fortnite! One time Jay showed me a website called 4chan and it had lots of pictures of naked girls with big titties and butts. My mom and dad would never let me look at that because they’re mean but Jay’s mom doesn’t care because she’s always drunk and goes to bed before we do.

When we don’t do that we play hockey and soccer with the boys. I’m the best hockey player and I always score a lot of goals just like Travis Konecny. That’s why dad got me a Konecny jersey!! I asked mom if I can join a hockey team next year and she said we’ll see. We’ll see always means yes so I can’t wait to play on a real hockey team.

I wish summer would never end. I don’t want to go back to school. I have Ms. Lana this year and everyone I know says she’s mean and gives a lot of homework. My friend Zach is two years older then me and he said he had Ms. Lana last year and she gave a kid extra homework because he sneezed. If Ms. Lana gives me extra homework because I sneeze then I’m not going to do it and I’m going to tell my mom too!

Summer vacation rules so much. When it’s summer dad turns on the grill and makes burgers and hotdogs and we have cookouts. My friends come over and hang out. Dad says maybe we’ll get a pool in the yard next year. That would be AWESOME!!!! POOL PARTY AT MY PLACE!!! I would invite my friend Tamara over too and we would have a water gun fight in the pool. Tamara is so cool I wish I could hang out with her all the time.

I love summer!!!!

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By Timmy Baker

Hi my name is Timmy and I am 8 years old!! I like Fortnite and Minecraft and hockey and Family Guy! I hate my annoying little brother Aiden!!! You should read my stories, Ms. Robbie says they are great and I have a very active imagination!