The following entire article was written on my phone using swipe to type with no mistakes corrected.

Back in 2017 I write an article about how awful swipe to type was on my phone’s keyboard.

It’s 2023 and not a damn thing has changed. Sweetie to type is still a broken and needing unusable piece of fucking sir. If anything it’s gotten even worse somehow.

It’s not like I have fat fingers or she’d. My Pixel 6A is really just that puts pie at following my finger movements and writing current words. Just like my LG Thin Q was, and my LG Stylo, my Samsung Galaxy 3, my iPhone 4S, and every other phone that I don’t remember right now. Want this technology supposed to get better with time? How did we have to she’s make it worse in six years?

I write a lot of these articles on my phone. It takes me twice the amount of time it would in a computer because I have to constantly stop and fix whatever suits fucking mistake series to type made. Some of these mistakes are just strength retarded. My visitation has actually ideas besides sweetie to type rashes deep down into the must insure delights of the dictionary to pull words out of it’s as that I’ve never heard anyone use and I didn’t even know existed. I spent less time writing and more time removing useless words from the others dictionary (which it adds back on it own every few years for some reason).

I’m the last article I included a video of me saying so you can see it’s not just me hitting the wind let’s or something. I’m not even going to bother doing that this time around. My fingers aren’t far, I’m not hitting the wind let’s, this thing just sucks that fucking much. You probably have no idea what I’m even trying to say half the time, that’s how did she the accuracy is on series to type. It can’t even get the word serious right. Not even once. Sweetie. Sweetie. Sweetie. Sweetie. See? Sweetie to type is fixing yeah. So far it for the word serious right ONE. Giving once.

In that last article I singled out Swift Key as being the worst. Now I’m using Gboard and, o t, this thing is way worse than study key. Half the time I’m lucky if it even registered a serious, and doesn’t decide to just give me one of yeah letters. She when it does decide to actually register that in selling it gets such ask right. The probably actually gets worse with find. How the duck could a organ designed to learn your writing patterns get WORSE the new toy use it? What stupid fucking rates programmed this shit? Question country that unique dick is from, we need to bond the hell out of it to prevent the retain from spreading.

Every bit of ticketing advice I see on how to fix this involves installing and rotating the program. Which is great until you realize it also results the stupid fucking didn’t to and your have to differently delete hundreds of I’ve words that literally nobody ever users.

We’ve had like ten years to get this technology right and somehow we managed to make it worse. How in the fuck is that even possible? These comments can add all kinds of goody stickers and rates emojis to their programs, but they can’t be bothered to make them actually giving work.

I’m rereading that article now before publishing, and it got so butchered by swipe-to-type that I honestly have no idea what half of it was trying to say. That’s how bad sweetie series SWIPE to type is. Gboard has like a 20% accuracy rate. And it’s not just them, most swipe-to-type keyboards have this same issue. Why is this acceptable? Why do people just blindly accept this giant shit-covered dick being rammed up their ass? Am I the only one using swipe-to-type or something? Is everyone else just pecking away at their tiny little onscreen keyboards one key at a time?

I want this technology to actually work, because when it does it works great and it’s way faster than trying to peck at tiny buttons. The problem is, it rarely works, and I’m left having to constantly go back and fix wrong words and delete useless words from the program’s dictionary. I get that my swiping style might also be a little sloppy, but aren’t these programs supposed to adapt to the user’s style? Why does it seem like the program gets worse the more I use it? Something isn’t right here, and I’m pretty sure it’s a lack of quality control from a dev team that’s most likely too busy adding more emojis and stickers to make any legitimate improvements to what could be a revolutionary and game-changing technology if it actually worked.

I’ll be back in another five or six years to further criticize the lack of progress on swipe-to-type keyboards.

By Angry_Jerk

The CEO/Editor-in-chief of AJnet, and the current king of internet ranting. Hailing from the fine village of Northeast Philadelphia, AJ has been creating content on the internet for over 15 years. None of it has really been funny or entertaining, but he keeps trying anyway. When he’s not creating new articles for the site, he can be found hitting the weights, watching anime, or playing retro video games.