AJnet Twitch Reunion Tour 2021!

AJnet Twitch Reunion Tour 2021 – Opening stream recap


Our first return stream was a huge fuckin’ success!

When I first came up with the idea for the AJnet Twitch Reunion Tour 2021 (hereon shortened to “AJTRT21” because I’m fucking lazy), I was still kind of hesitant about returning to Twitch. Would I be streaming to an audience of nobody again? Would this wind up just being a one-off stream with no other future streams? I had no idea what to expect going into this.

Any doubts I had about returning to streaming were completely erased by Friday night’s stream. I had a fucking blast.

While I have VODs disabled because of my copyright-infringing alert music (which is single-handedly bankrupting the entire music industry), here are some of the highlights of the stream:

  • My good friend CommanderNidoquake couldn’t make it, mostly due to the huge time difference between Philadelphia and the UK (don’t worry, I called him out on this shit). It also looked like my other good friend ADMFisher might make it, but he too had to bail at the last minute because of work. I was joined by my good IRL friend Marc the Crambear.
  • Guest appearances in chat by former AJnet Brothers Torbrex and Rogar, the original Sydney Hardkunts from my Overwatch days.
  • Big ups to my boy FFruitty aka Gunter, who not only subbed to the channel, but also dropped six gift subscriptions to people watching the stream. Holy fucking shit.
  • I did the stream’s first-ever Appleshot. We actually clipped this one, watch it here. Twitch apparently has rules against things like “excessive” drinking and having fun, so I had to do a shot of “apple juice”. Also activated for the first time was the SlamCam, where I slammed a “carbonated beverage”. You can watch the replay here.
  • A viewer redeemed channel points and I had to play the game while standing for five minutes. I used some of this time to twerk. No replay on this one, come to the streams asshole.

All in all, it was a great fucking time all around.

To give you an idea of what kind of shenanigans you can expect from future AJnet streams, here’s a screenshot of all channel points rewards:

Channel points rewards as of 5/9/21


Channel points are super-easy to earn, they literally require you to do nothing except watch the fucking stream. Not sure what some of those are? Watch the fucking stream. Seriously, WATCH THE FUCKING STREAM.

The next stream will be this coming Friday, May 14th, at 7 PM EST. I hope to see you fuckers there!


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