A major soft beverage manufacturer has been funding the production of insulin pens, a shocking exposé has revealed.

We know soda is bad for us, but are soda manufacturers intentionally giving their customers diabetes?

According to a recent investigation into one large soft beverage manufacturer, the truth may be more sinister than consumers realize.

The investigation, conducted by members of the AJnet Organization, revealed that multiple high-level executives inside the company were also major shareholders in several large pharmaceutical companies that produce insulin pens. Insulin pens are commonly used by patients with diabetes to regulate their blood sugar levels.

The AJnet Organization has declined to publish the names of the companies and executives involved, but a member of the group, who are typically referred to as “operatives”, detailed the investigation to reporters.

“We’ve been watching them for a while now,” the anonymous AJnet Organization operative told reporters, “They’ve been doing this for a long time, since at least the 80’s, and possibly longer.”

The operative explained that the AJnet Organization began their investigation in early 2016.

“In January of 2016, information was passed along to us that suggested a connection between a large soda company and a company that makes insulin, so we recruited multiple employees within the company to assist us in our investigation. Through them others were recruited, and within a year we had an entire information network inside the company.”

A paper trail was eventually discovered, and the investigating operatives followed it back to several of the company’s executives, including the CEO and the vice president.

“We found a series of internal communications between various high-level members of the company,” explained the operative. “From there, we were able to finger the individuals taking part in this. The CEO of the company, the vice president, and many people on the board of directors were in on it. This goes very high in the soda company.”

The AJnet Organization operative went into further detail about the investigation process.

“We obtained tax documents, bank records, things of that nature,” the operative told reporters. “These people documented a sizeable amount of their scheme, so it was pretty easy for us. We verified our information with operatives in the relevant tax agencies and banking institutions. Our analysis concluded that these high-ranking individuals inside the soda company were also major shareholders in multiple insulin manufacturers across the world.”

Being a shareholder isn’t enough to implicate someone in a conspiracy though. That’s where the internal communications came in.

“We have an assortment of emails, text messages, internal memos, and transcripts directly implicating these individuals,” the AJnet Organization operative explained. “They discuss in great detail their collaboration with the insulin manufacturers to increase insulin sales by intentionally giving customers diabetes.”

The operative went on to detail the scheme.

“The soda company purposely includes addictive chemicals in their recipes, and when coupled with heavy marketing, consumers become hooked on sugary soft drinks. Eventually they develop diabetes, and that’s when they go to the doctor and get prescribed insulin. Everyone involved is making a fortune on this.”

The AJnet Organization operative said that the group intended to take action against the companies and executives involved.

“We’re using the information and working alongside various law enforcement agencies across the world to bring these people to justice. They will be held accountable for their actions, the noose is slowly tightening. Everyone involved is looking at serious prison time.”

Any action taken though would most likely be discreet in order to avoid causing widespread turmoil, according to the operative.

“A soda company profiting off of intentionally giving their customers diabetes is a serious issue,” the operative said. “If the companies involved went under overnight, the economic consequences would be devastating. Not to mention that there’s only a small amount of companies that produce insulin. We would potentially be triggering an economic and medical crisis. That’s also why we haven’t released any names. We’re handling this situation delicately and discretely. Expect mass resignations from soft beverage companies and insulin manufacturers within the next year or so.”

The AJnet Organization operative issued a stern warning for other companies and individuals who may be involved in illicit behavior.

“You may have gotten away with it for a long time, but times change. Nobody can run forever, sooner or later you’re going to tire out or slip up. We have operatives everywhere. EVERYWHERE.”

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By Troy Jackson

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