Hola amigos, it is your pal Señor Juan with more advice!

Juan have really good month in March.

First AJ tell Juan he give advice again on website and no care what stupid gringo people think anymore. Juan like give advice to people, everyone say Juan give good advice. Juan want to give more advice right away but AJ tell Juan no only do once a month right now. Frosty make joke “Juan a month”. Juan tell Frosty it no funny but Juan really think it is you no tell Frosty Juan say that. Juan understand why AJ no want Juan give advice too much, website is “AJnet” not “JUANnet”. AJ tell Juan maybe one day he give advice two time in one month but right now start small.

Then Uncle Paco open up shop called “Uncle Paco’s Tacos and T-Shirts” where he sell food and shirts. Shop do very good and Uncle Paco get many customer. Juan very happy for Uncle Paco. Juan remember long time ago in Ciudad Juárez when Uncle Paco start by selling shirt he find in bar to gringo tourist. Now Uncle Paco have own store in America and make mucho dinero so that is very good. He also give Juan free tacos and churros so that is very good too.

Juan give advice to office woman Anna in March and see someone leave comment on article asking question:

Dear Juan,

What is the meaning of life?

– Cave J.

Juan very confused why gringo Cave ask question that no have to do with giving advice, but Juan remember other gringo idiots who make same joke when Juan tell them he give advice. Juan no find joke funny but Juan answer question from gringo Cave anyway.

Juan think about what meaning of life is. Juan also think about what give own life meaning and make him happy. Juan like giving advice on AJnet website. Juan also like tacos, Corona beer, señoritas, and heavy metal music by Iron Maiden band. Juan think about more and realize that stuff no matter if Juan no have other people he care about too. Mi Madre leave when Juan very young and Juan no know Mi Padre. Juan raised by Mi Hermana Josefina, Mi Hermano Rico, and Uncle Paco, so Juan care about those people very much. Juan no become legal American citizen if AJ no help Juan by teaching him English and sponsor him too, so Juan also care about AJ. Gringo Frosty Mugg very annoying and drink too much but Juan still care about him because Juan know Frosty is good person who mean well.

Juan still no sure what is meaning of life, so he ask other people question too.

Mi Hermana Josefina tell Juan meaning of life is to have fun with amigas. Mi Hermano Rico tell Juan same thing, he also like to have fun with Mi Hermana Josefina amigas. Mi Hermana Josefina slap Mi Hermano Rico and he say meaning of life is actually family and friends. Uncle Paco say meaning of life is be happy and enjoy time with person you care about. Frosty say is beer with best friends AJ and Juan. Juan ask AJ too but AJ he very busy and go do interview with journalist who want job writing for AJnet so he no give Juan answer. Juan think AJ find meaning in AJnet site though and having fun.

Juan think about question too much and get headache so Juan go to bodega and have drink. Juan drink beer and see Chinese man Al who own bodega. Al ask Juan why he look lost. Juan tell Al about gringo Cave question and many different answer Juan get when he ask everyone same question. Juan tell Al that he no have answer and he not know what to tell gringo Cave. Al laugh at Juan. Juan not sure why Chinese man Al laugh until he say Juan already have answer. Al tell Juan “ey Juan you so stupid you no see you have answer already”. Juan still no understand Al but Al tell Juan that everyone give Juan same answer when ask question. Everyone say thing they like and family and friends give meaning to life. Al say he also think family and friends give meaning to life. Juan say thank you to Chinese man Al and go home to write answer.

Señor Cave, you think you funny when you ask Juan stupid question but what you really do is give Juan new perspective on life. Juan learn that everyone give own meaning to life by do what they enjoy and be happy with people they care about like friend and family. Señor Cave, you must ask yourself “What I like doing?” and “Who I like doing thing with?”. Juan no answer this for you, you must answer yourself. If you answer these questions then you have answer to question “What is meaning of life?”.

Señor Cave, this no philosophy class, it is advice column. No ask question not about advice. Juan answer this time but Juan no answer stupid question again. You ask Juan for advice on solve problem in life, no ask to do philosophy homework for gringo college class.

Best of luck to you amigo.

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By Señor Juan

AJ’s oldest friend and AJnet’s resident advice columnist, Señor Juan has been an AJnet Staff member since 2008, when AJ first hired him to pose for a picture and slash a neighbor’s tires. Since then Juan has been a valued member of the team, earning his American citizenship, piloting the AJnet Huey, and keeping Frosty from getting too carried away. His soothing stories, alleviating anecdotes, and ability to smile in even the most perilous of situations help others find the reassurance they need during troubling and trying times.