I finally made it lads

I finally hit the big time!

Whilst checking Twitch this morning, I discovered that some random person I didn’t know gifted me a subscription to a channel I never heard of. Upon further investigation, I discovered that said channel did a broadcast last night. Upon even further investigation, I discovered that said channel’s broadcast did a segment where they made fun of two of my YouTube videos, in particular “Walmart Doesn’t Sell Bandanas?!” and “Words that should be punishable by death“. Instead of eating breakfast, I spent the first half hour of my morning watching a bunch of bitter jerks criticize another bitter jerk.

And it was actually kinda entertaining.

You can watch the video on their channel here:


My segment starts at around 2:25:00.

Also, to address some of the things said:

  • My particular Walmart doesn’t carry bandanas. Right after making that video, I had several people tell me that their Walmarts do. Apparently my Walmart just sucks that hard.
  • Those of you who have never had to hear the word “flustrated”, bless your fucking souls. It’s a real fucking thing.
  • My “New York” accent is annoying, but it’s better than the generic “YouTube accent” that’s all the rage these days. Also I probably had a cold in both of those videos. Oh, and- ah nevermind, I’m not gonna make excuses, my voice sucks.
  • Props to the person who said I look kinda like Jason Statham.
  • Props to the people who said I had a nice setup.
  • The hat is custom, and I didn’t get it made at LIDS, because those assholes refused to stitch a hat with “obscene content” on it. I instead got it from some guy at a kiosk.
  • Going bald at 30 does really suck, but buzz cuts are cheap and so am I so I’m not complaining. I just tell people I have the McDonald’s arches for a hairline and that all the bitches say “I’m lovin’ it”. This really isn’t funny, and nobody ever laughs when I say it.
  • My political stance isn’t left or right, both sides are full of shit.

If you’ve got a half hour to kill, go watch the segment. If you have a few hours to kill, watch the rest of ChapoFYM’s stuff.

Thanks for including me in your stream guys. Your kindness has made me slightly less angry!