Microsoft fucked up with Vista, and they knew it.

To quote Bill Gates: “What the fuck was I smoking when I approved that pile of horse shit?” With the announcement of Windows 7, many of us were nervous. Would Microsoft succeed in doing better than Vista, or would Windows 7 make Vista look like the pinnacle of human achievement? Some simply went back to XP, while some were forced to hold on to their shitty copies of Vista because of a lack of XP drivers for their product.

After installing Windows 7 on both my PC (which had XP) and my laptop (Vista), I can safely say that Microsoft has redeemed itself with Windows 7. For now. It’s still not worth paying for (no operating system is), but it definitely is worth upgrading to if you find a torrent. I was able to fully activate mine and everything. For activation, use Hazar’s 7 Loader v 1.6. It’s much more simple than all the old tricks which involved fucking with the system clock in the command prompt, and you can still download updates from Microsoft’s website without being caught (unless they fix this at some point).

In both Vista and XP, if you turned off the automatic updates, you were reminded of this by an impossible-to-close box in the icon area on your taskbar. Windows 7 did away with this, replacing it with another type of notification thing that alerts you of more things, called the Action Center. Panic not though, for this is completely customizable. You can’t get rid of the flag as far as I know, but you can stop it from bothering you about pretty much everything. Since I shut off notifications for each item, I have not been pestered once. I am free to update Windows at my own convenience. User Account Control is still there, but it can be easily disabled.

The new taskbar takes a bit of time to get used to, but once you get it it’s much better than the original one. Annoying application won’t let you minimize the window so you can get to your desktop? Just click the non-obtrusive rectangular bar on the bottom-right corner of your screen to give the application the finger and go right back to your desktop. It also doesn’t show what webpage you have up unless you hover over it, so if you’re looking at hot nudes of Grace Slick and your girlfriend comes up to nag you for the umpteenth time about how you pretty much ignore her existence except for when you plow her from behind while playing “White Rabbit”, she won’t see “Im_Jerking_Off_To_Grace_Slick.jpg” on your taskbar, and you won’t have to explain to the police that her two black eyes were from her walking into a wall after your argument about you looking at porn.

The only issue I can think of at the moment is the control panel layout. In Vista and XP, you were able to change the layout back to the simpler-to-navigate style of Windows 2000. On 7, you aren’t able to do this. This is a minor issue though, and not off-putting for me.

Vista users, I urge you to upgrade to Windows 7. You won’t regret it.

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By Angry_Jerk

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