Why we can’t let North Korea have nuclear weapons

Foreign Relations

We must secure the denuclearization of North Korea for one very important reason.

As of late, North Korea has been waving the middle finger in America’s face saying “We have nucrear weapons and there isn’t shit you can do!” The US, China, and Russia seem to have been castrated by the United Nations, saying “Please, let’s just talk about this!” The United Nations is sanctioning North Korea left and right, sanctioning being the global-politics equivalent of saying “You naughty boy, you!” Most troubling of all though is that many Japanese are now using North Korea as justification to have their constitution changed to allow them to build a sizable military force. Remember the last time Japan had a sizable military force? I know I do:

You may have forgotten, but do you think those slanty-eyed yellow Nips have? NO. They remember Pearl Harbor very well. They also remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima very well too. They already have us by the balls with their grip on our technology industry, our animation industry, and our children’s minds. Remember when you were growing up and you used to play “Cops and Robbers” or “Cowboys and Indians”? Look at today’s youth. They’re busy playing “Goku vs Vegeta” or “Naruto” and calling themselves “Otakus”. They’re constantly begging their parents to spend $20 on ten cent pieces of cardboard paper with some ink on them. And now Japan wants to rebuild their military to counter North Korea? Ooh, I know! Why don’t we share our nuclear technology with them too, and sell them a bunch of B-52 stealth bombers and F-22 stealth fighters? Hey, maybe France can pitch in and sell them some Mirage Fighters too!

Do you really think that retaliation against the US for World War 2 wouldn’t go through the minds of the Japanese if we allowed them to rearm? They’re big on honor, pride, and all that other samurai bullshit. All it takes is one kook in Japan’s government to bring up the idea, and from there it’s wild fire. Soon, the hills of Los Angeles will really be burning, palm trees will really be candles in the murder wind, and the lyrics to Bad Religion’s song “Los Angeles is Burning” will no longer be referencing how sensationalistic the media is, but instead the results of a Japanese ICBM attack.

I started this on Wednesday, May 27. This article on Bloomberg.com was posted on Friday the 29th. Guess what? Japan wants to use North Korea as an excuse to build nuclear weapons! How anybody could think that this would lead to anything good is beyond me. Kim Jong Il is batshit insane. He doesn’t care about starting a nuclear war. This is why I’m greatly in support of America becoming an isolationist state. The UN thinks we have some kind of obligation to the global community. Do we really have an obligation to put our asses on the line like this? Do any of these leaders think about their people before they make these decisions to support a side of a conflict? No, they don’t. Your leaders don’t give a fuck about you! If the American government gave a fuck, they would immediately withdraw from the UN and expel it from our shores. We have enough problems of our own. We don’t have time to concern ourselves with some batshit dictator who is obviously going to start a war in the end regardless of how many “sanctions” he’s slapped with and how much the UN Security Council begs and pleads him to “behave”. If the UN cares so much, they can send their blue helmets into the war instead of relying on us for everything. Besides, they’re just going to bitch and whine at us for doing something wrong.

We need to disarm North Korea now, or we’ll be facing a much larger threat from the Japanese within a decade.


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